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This VMware vSphere video training course with Keith Barker covers VMware’s flagship virtualization platform. It discusses the core topics of installing, managing, and administering a virtualized data center using VMware vSphere v5.5. It further reviews concepts to assist a candidate in preparation for passing the VCP550 exam. Note: Taking the VCP550 exam requires authorization from VMware. ...
This VMware vSphere video training course with Keith Barker covers VMware’s flagship virtualization platform. It discusses the core topics of installing, managing, and administering a virtualized data center using VMware vSphere v5.5. It further reviews concepts to assist a candidate in preparation for passing the VCP550 exam. Note: Taking the VCP550 exam requires authorization from VMware.

In this course, you'll get the topics you need for success in installing, managing and administering a vSphere 5.5 infrastructure.

Note: The exam associated with this course is scheduled to retire on March 31, 2017. Learners should plan accordingly to sit for the exam before its official retirement. For our most up-to-date training, see Keith Barker’s VMware vSphere 6 (VCP6-DCV) course.

Recommended Experience
  • Familiarity with basic virtualization concepts
  • Familiarity with VMware Workstation
  • Familiarity with basic installation of Windows Server 2012
  • Familiarity with IP networking
Recommended Equipment
  • One or more desktop or laptop computers with a combined 16 GB of RAM
  • One or more copies of VMware Workstation (latest version)
  • SSD hard disks recommended
Related Certifications
  • VCP5-DCV
Related Job Functions
  • IT professionals
  • Server administrators
  • Virtual administrators
  • Storage administrators
  • Network administrators
Keith Barker has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of networking and security certifications, including CCIE R&S, CCIE Security, (ISC)2 CISSP, Palo Alto CNSE, and VMware VCP5-DCV.
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1. Welcome to VMware vSphere Data Center Virtualization (3 min)
2. The Hype about Hypervisors (33 min)
3. A Dream within a Dream (35 min)
4. OVF & OVA (30 min)
5. Standard vSwitch Introduction (31 min)
6. Standard vSwitch Configuration (42 min)
7. VLANs and Trunking (37 min)
8. Adding GNS3 to the vSphere Lab (20 min)
9. Home Sweet Home (12 min)
10. vCenter Install (18 min)
11. Add ESXi hosts to vCenter (23 min)
12. vCenter AA (21 min)
13. vCenter Virtual Appliance (23 min)
14. iSCSI SAN Appliance (33 min)
15. 10 Gig (the hard way) (28 min)
16. iSCSI Puzzle Pieces (22 min)
17. iSCSI HBA Configuration (34 min)
18. Datastore Adds and Changes (23 min)
19. NFS Datastore (14 min)
20. Templates and Clones (19 min)
21. Distributed Switch Fundamentals (59 min)
22. Distributed vSwitch Features (47 min)
23. vMotion Fundamentals (28 min)
24. vMotion in Motion (23 min)
25. Distributed Resource Scheduler (18 min)
26. Affinity (24 min)
27. Snapshots and VM files (24 min)
28. VM Memory & CPU Controls (39 min)
29. Resource Pools (29 min)
30. vApps (16 min)
31. VM High Availability (HA) (24 min)
32. VM Fault Tolerance (FT) (19 min)
33. VM Customization (16 min)
34. VM Storage Policies (27 min)
35. Storage DRS (34 min)
36. Custom Alarms (19 min)
37. Operations Manager (31 min)
38. Performance and Troubleshooting (30 min)
39. ESXi Shell and CLI (19 min)
40. Additional Features and Products (28 min)

Welcome to VMware vSphere Data Center Virtualization


My name is Keith Barker. And on behalf of myself and the entire CBT Nuggets family, welcome to Data Center Virtualization with vSphere. I'd like to share with you a few tips about how you and I can get the absolute most out of our time together. Step number one, I would strongly recommend that you schedule and calendar the time to watch and enjoy the videos.


And then secondly, instead of just watching the videos, I would also strongly encourage you to practice. Now, in this course-- check this out-- video by video, I'll show you the specific instructions on how to build your own virtualized lab. And we can do it all with either evaluation software that VMware is happy for you to have as well as open-source and free software.


And as we go through the videos together, I'm going to be encouraging you step by step to practice, practice, practice what we're going to together in the videos. And that, my friend, is going to provide two significant benefits. Number one, it's going to give you the hands-on practice working with the technology as we install, configure, and verify our vSphere environment, and secondly, because we're doing the hands-on practice, we're going to have a better knowledge and a better foundation so that when we hit the other videos in this course that are building on that knowledge, you'll be able to better absorb it and understand it and apply it, because we're doing the hands-on every step of the way.


So my strong recommendation would be to not just watch it and enjoy it, but watch it, enjoy it, and do the hands-on along with me. And then our third step? Absolutely have fun. Because in addition to all the great technology that we're going to learn about and implement, we're also going to have a boatload of fun in these videos together.


For individuals who are getting ready for and preparing for a VCP-- that's VMware Certified Professional in Data Center Virtualization-- the knowledge and skills that you get from going through this course with me and labbing it up as we go through the videos is going to be very relevant and helpful for both the real world-- with the skills of installing, configuring, and administering a vSphere environment-- and the knowledge you gain from this class will also be helpful inside of a certification environment as well.


But I do want to make you aware of a requirement that VMware has for any individual who is pursuing a VCP, and that is this. VMware requires you to have authorization from VMware before they will allow you to take that exam. And that leads to the next question.


Well, what are the requirements for getting authorization? And for that, VMware requires that a VCP candidate schedules and sits either a physical class or an online class of a VMware-authorized course. You could go directly to VMware's site for that current list.


And the reason I mentioned the requirement from VMware is because I want to set the expectation. So that as we go through all these videos together and we look back on the videos and think-- oh, my goodness, look at all we've learned and all we can do-- I just want to make sure it was clear that even if we have the ability and skills that we can apply directly to a production environment, a candidate will not be able to take the VCP exam unless they have participated in an official course from VMware.


My friend, I am so excited about the time we're going to share as we go through these videos together. And I'm going to keep this intro fairly short so we can get right into the hype about hypervisors, which is in the very next video. And until that next video, I hope this has been informative for you.


And I'd like to thank you for viewing.

The Hype about Hypervisors

A Dream within a Dream


Standard vSwitch Introduction

Standard vSwitch Configuration

VLANs and Trunking

Adding GNS3 to the vSphere Lab

Home Sweet Home

vCenter Install

Add ESXi hosts to vCenter

vCenter AA

vCenter Virtual Appliance

iSCSI SAN Appliance

10 Gig (the hard way)

iSCSI Puzzle Pieces

iSCSI HBA Configuration

Datastore Adds and Changes

NFS Datastore

Templates and Clones

Distributed Switch Fundamentals

Distributed vSwitch Features

vMotion Fundamentals

vMotion in Motion

Distributed Resource Scheduler


Snapshots and VM files

VM Memory & CPU Controls

Resource Pools


VM High Availability (HA)

VM Fault Tolerance (FT)

VM Customization

VM Storage Policies

Storage DRS

Custom Alarms

Operations Manager

Performance and Troubleshooting

ESXi Shell and CLI

Additional Features and Products

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Keith Barker
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