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Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 Exam-Pack CX-310-035

This course will be retired in 295 days. If you have questions, please contact us.

Note: The SCPJ 1.4 exam is no longer active. However, this training course retains significant value as a Java learning resource....
Note: The SCPJ 1.4 exam is no longer active. However, this training course retains significant value as a Java learning resource.

Java is so cool. Imagine being able to compile one piece of code and have it run on nearly any operating system, from Windows and Macintosh to Linux, Unix and the Internet. It's widely used and universally accepted as the preferred programming language of the Internet, but it is also a great development platform for business applications, video games and to even create software for mobile devices.

This course will teach you beginning through advanced Java programming skills while preparing you for Sun exam CX-310-035. Start with the Java language fundamentals and, by the end of the training, you'll be building GUI and web-based applications that can link to databases. You'll also learn helpful tips, tricks and real-world examples.

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1. Introduction to Java (36 min)
2. Java Language Fundamentals (25 min)
3. Java Language Fundamentals Part 2 (50 min)
4. Java Language Flow Control Part 1 (23 min)
5. Java Language Flow Control Part 2 (34 min)
6. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) (23 min)
7. Using Arrays (32 min)
8. Strings (32 min)
9. OOP Part1 (41 min)
10. OOP Part2 (34 min)
11. Working with Math and Dates (25 min)
12. Introduction to Swing (41 min)
13. Interfaces and Abstract Classes (26 min)
14. Exception Handling (27 min)
15. Threads (29 min)
16. Inner Classes (32 min)
17. Event Handling (30 min)
18. More Swing (28 min)
19. Java IO (32 min)
20. Introduction to JDBC (36 min)
21. Developing Applets (20 min)
22. Implementing Tomcat for Servlet/JSP Dev (21 min)
23. Implementing Tomcat for Servlet/JSP Dev Part 2 (21 min)
24. Introduction to Servlets (33 min)
25. Servlets Part 2: Database-Connected Servlets (31 min)
26. Introduction to JSP (30 min)
27. Implementing JSP Scriptlets (22 min)
28. Packages (31 min)
29. Documenting Your Classes (36 min)

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15 hrs 29 videos


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