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In this Photoshop for Developers course, Glen Stephens dives into Adobe Photoshop and covers basic and advanced techniques in the software....
In this Photoshop for Developers course, Glen Stephens dives into Adobe Photoshop and covers basic and advanced techniques in the software.

Related area of expertise:
  • Web Development Level 1

Recommended skills:
  • Basic computer skills

Recommended equipment:
  • Computer running the latest version of Adobe Photoshop

Related certifications:
  • N/A

Related job functions:
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • UI designer

In addition to techniques, this course also spends time covering graphics standards, best practices, and tips and techniques that are valuable for a successful Photoshop experience.
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1. Course Introduction (2 min)
2. Photoshop Intro and Interface Tour (24 min)
3. Photoshop Layers and Selections Basics (38 min)
4. Photoshop Selections Part 2 (47 min)
5. Photoshop Layer Masks (18 min)
6. Selections, Masks, and Channels (24 min)
7. Vector, Bitmap, and Raster (13 min)
8. Paths & Vector Tools (29 min)
9. Paths Part 2 (18 min)
10. Offset Filter and Multi-state Graphics (20 min)
11. Color (35 min)
12. Layers Part 2 (28 min)
13. Slices Part 1 (17 min)
14. Slices Part 2 (17 min)
15. Layer Styles, Web Fonts, CSS, and Extract Assests (21 min)
16. Animated Gif (21 min)
17. Animated Gifs Part 2 (17 min)
18. Photoshop Actions (18 min)
19. Scripting Photoshop (20 min)
20. Customizing Photoshop and Shortcuts (16 min)

Course Introduction


Welcome to the CBT Nuggets Photoshop for Developers. Series I'm Glen Stevens, and I'll be your guide. This Nugget is an introduction to our series and is designed to give you an idea of the kinds of information you'll be learning throughout the series.


Now, I know the title of the series is Photoshop for Developers, but if you're not a developer, don't worry. We will cover lots of information that is generic Photoshop information that's useful for lots of different things that you can do with Photoshop.


The series starts off with an introduction to Photoshop and what can be done with it as well as taking a look at the overall user interface of the application. We then take a look at layers, selections, masks, channels. We take a look at the differences between vector and bitmap and talk about pads.


We also look at color spaces. All of these things are helpful both for developers and those who are developers. So the first half of our series builds a good foundation of what Photoshop is and how to use it efficiently. The second part of our series is where we focus more of our attention on using Photoshop for development.


We cover things such as using slices to generate graphics for web development and also HTML. We take a look at multi-state graphics, which are useful for not only web development, but also application development. We take a look at animated gifs and how to create them from static images as well as video.


And we also take a look at some mobile app development techniques, where we use Photoshop to build icons for mobile applications and automating Photoshop to resize those icons for different deployments. I also put a lot of effort into making sure that the examples that I use during the videos not only build a foundation for understanding how to use Photoshop, but also give you real world practical knowledge in things that you will use on a daily basis as your knowledge and experience in Photoshop grows.


So I want to share a little bit about myself and why I'm such a passionate Photoshop user and how I've used Photoshop throughout my career. I've been using Photoshop for about 20 years. I actually started out using Photoshop for video and web design way back in the '90s.


My background is actually in broadcast television, and I spent a lot of time learning Photoshop for video. Out of opportunity and necessity, I became an application developer about 15 years ago. So my web development knowledge up to that point then rolled into application development in Photoshop was a perfect fit going from web development into the application development, and to be able to marry my level Photoshop with my love of code was a euphoric opportunity for me.


I've also had the opportunity to co-author a few books on Photoshop techniques, as well as have the opportunity to be a column writer for Photoshop User Magazine for about seven years, authoring their Photoshop for Video column. So my hope is that you have as much fun watching and learning from this series as I had creating it.


I hope this has been informative, and I'd like to thank you for watching.

Photoshop Intro and Interface Tour

Photoshop Layers and Selections Basics

Photoshop Selections Part 2

Photoshop Layer Masks

Selections, Masks, and Channels

Vector, Bitmap, and Raster

Paths & Vector Tools

Paths Part 2

Offset Filter and Multi-state Graphics


Layers Part 2

Slices Part 1

Slices Part 2

Layer Styles, Web Fonts, CSS, and Extract Assests

Animated Gif

Animated Gifs Part 2

Photoshop Actions

Scripting Photoshop

Customizing Photoshop and Shortcuts

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