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Take a whirlwind tour of Windows Server 2012, including the new features, changes, and improvements in Microsoft's latest server operating system....
Take a whirlwind tour of Windows Server 2012, including the new features, changes, and improvements in Microsoft's latest server operating system.

MVP Don Jones, a CBT Nuggets veteran trainer, is your guide for this exciting course. He'll walk you through the new Server Manager, PowerShell 3, Windows Remote Management, Dynamic Access Control, IIS 8.0, and more. With Don's expertise, you'll soon feel Server 2012 is an old friend.

This course may be viewed in its entirety - for free - on the CBT Nuggets YouTube channel.
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1. Introduction (1 min)
2. The New Server Manager (19 min)
3. PowerShell v3 and Web Access (16 min)
4. Windows Remote Management (19 min)
5. Dynamic Access Control (20 min)
6. Role Improvements (28 min)
7. Management Improvements (16 min)
8. SMB 3.0 (19 min)
9. IIS 8.0 (21 min)



Hi, I'm Don Jones, and welcome to the Windows Server 2012 First Look. In this series of Nuggets, we're going to spend some time looking at some of the most important new features, changes, and enhancements in Microsoft's newest server operating system.


Here are some of the major areas we'll cover. We'll start by talking about the new Server Manager. I know, you think you know what Server Manager looks like, and how it works, and what it does, but you don't know nothing when it comes to Server 2012.


We'll also talk about Windows PowerShell three and this is far more than just a command line improvement. We'll look at Windows remote management, the basis for much of Server 2012's new manageability. Tired of manually managing access controls? Dynamic access control has got you covered.


We'll also talk about some of the major role improvements in Server 2012, like Server Core, Direct Access, Remote Desktop Services, and Hyper-V. We'll look at some management improvements. Things like manage service accounts and some of the new changes in Active Directory domain services.


We'll talk about some of the awesome new features and capabilities in Server Message Blocks 3.0, and we'll look at the new things that are being brought to the table by IIS 8. Remember that this is just a quick tour of some of the major new things that Windows Server 2012 has to offer, but I think you're going to find a lot to get excited about.


Let's get started.

The New Server Manager

PowerShell v3 and Web Access

Windows Remote Management

Dynamic Access Control

Role Improvements

Management Improvements

SMB 3.0

IIS 8.0

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