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This video training with Chris Ward covers Microsoft Excel 2003 fundamentals such as data and content formatting, functions, and more....
This video training with Chris Ward covers Microsoft Excel 2003 fundamentals such as data and content formatting, functions, and more.

Recommended skills:
  • Experience using Microsoft Excel 2003

Recommended equipment:
  • Microsoft Excel 2003

Related certifications:
  • Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2003

Related job functions:
  • Office professionals
  • Instructors
  • Students

Most of us know Microsoft Excel well enough to do the two or three things we do most often. Maybe that's displaying data, creating graphs and charts, and performing basic math functions. But if that's all we know, then we have a huge resource at our fingertips that we haven't even come close to tapping. This course on Excel 2003 covers more than you ever hoped to learn about Excel - teaching you exactly how to get the most from this versatile tool. They walk you through and explain each feature in Excel, showing you exactly how to use it. Then you can pause the videos, go do what you just learned, and come back to start again where you left off. And if you need to, you can even re-watch the videos to really cement your skills. By following along with this hands-on approach, you'll become familiar with exactly how to get Excel to perform advanced data manipulation functions - which makes getting the output you're looking for as easy and painless as possible.

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1. Installing Microsoft Office 2003 (17 min)
2. Microsoft Excel 2003 Fundamentals (20 min)
3. Content Fundamentals (21 min)
4. Data and Content Formatting: Cells (19 min)
5. Data and Content Formatting: Advanced Cells (22 min)
6. Data and Content Formatting: Rows and Columns (22 min)
7. Managing Workbooks (24 min)
8. Page Setup and Printing (21 min)
9. Basic Collaborating and File Management (16 min)
10. Research Capabilities (15 min)
11. Basic Formulas (15 min)
12. Organizing Data (15 min)
13. Functions Part 1 (15 min)
14. Functions Part 2 (19 min)
15. Functions Part 3 (13 min)
16. Data Filtering (17 min)
17. Data Validation (15 min)
18. Lists and their Functions (14 min)
19. Charts and Graphs Part 1 (17 min)
20. Charts and Graphs Part 2 (19 min)
21. Using Solver (19 min)
22. Goal Seek (22 min)
23. Customized Tools (16 min)
24. Collaboration Part 1 (12 min)
25. Collaboration Part 2 (18 min)
26. Macros (18 min)
27. Pivot Tables (13 min)

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