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Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server

This Microsoft SQL Server 2014 video training course with Garth Schulte covers Microsoft Azure integration with Microsoft’s SQL Server database server, including full and hybrid cloud implementations, migrating to the cloud, and extending your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud....
This Microsoft SQL Server 2014 video training course with Garth Schulte covers Microsoft Azure integration with Microsoft’s SQL Server database server, including full and hybrid cloud implementations, migrating to the cloud, and extending your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud.

The 70-465 exam is the final exam for the SQL Server MCSE: Data Platform certification (retiring March 31, 2017, being replaced by the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certification). This course helps you prepare for the exam by covering the Microsoft Azure specific exam objectives.

The 70-465 exam and this course cover the following general topic areas: Microsoft Azure and SQL Server integration, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Storage-as-a-Service. Let's Rock!

Recommended Experience
  • 2+ years of experience working with SQL Server
  • Familiarity with writing T-SQL statements
  • MCSA: SQL Server 2012
Recommended Equipment
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Microsoft Azure account
Related Certifications
  • MCSE: SQL Server 2014 Data Platform (retiring March 31, 2017)
  • MCSE: Data Management and Analytics (replacing MCSE: Data Platform)
Related Job Functions
  • Database designers
  • Database developers
  • Database administrators
  • Cloud wizardry
Garth Schulte has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2001 and holds a variety of Microsoft and Google certifications spanning system administration, development, databases, cloud, and big data.
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1. Introduction to SQL Server 2014 70-465: Azure Updates (6 min)
2. Introduction to Cloud Solutions and Microsoft Azure (14 min)
3. Microsoft Azure and SQL Server: IaaS (20 min)
4. Microsoft Azure and SQL Server: PaaS (18 min)
5. Microsoft Azure and SQL Server: STaaS (19 min)

Introduction to SQL Server 2014 70-465: Azure Updates


SQL Server 2014 70-465 Azure updates. Welcome, my friends, to this short 70-465 course covering the Azure specific exam objectives. We'll talk about why that is in this Nugget, along with the roles and responsibilities of the database designer, the MCSE Data Platform Certification, and the path you'll need to take to acquire this elite SQL Server certification.


Let's get started. 70-465 targets the database designer, where 464 targets the database developer. What's the difference between designer and developer? Well, designers are responsible for planning, implementing, configuring, and managing things like the infrastructure, the logical and physical model of the database.


So they're really the architects of the system. Where the developer is really responsible for coding up all the objects inside of the database. And while there is a fair amount of crossover between the designer and developer roles, as well as the 464 and 465 exam, for the most part, the designer is going to be one planning and implementing infrastructure at the server and database level.


With that said, what are some the major roles and responsibilities of the database designer? As I mentioned, a lot of it's going to come down to planning and implementing infrastructure. And that entails configuring your data center or data centers of SQL servers, as well as the databases that live on them.


Also, planning and implementing migration and consolidation strategies between servers, between data centers, between physical and even virtual data centers. And speaking of the Cloud, the Cloud is a big deal today. It's going to be an even bigger deal tomorrow.


And with it, it's bringing a lot more work for us SQL server database professionals because now we've got a lot more of this migration and consolidation stuff going around. Right now, we've got to think about migrating on prem to the Cloud. Or just not even migrating, but hooking up hybrid scenarios where we have our on premise data centers speaking to our Cloud data centers.


Another big one is planning and implementing high availability. So if a database were to go down, a server were to go down, or an entire data center were to go down, our business doesn't go down with it. Another big part of that is disaster recovery.


So if any of those parts do go down, we can get them up to the state that they were in as quickly as possible. Let's talk about the 70465 exam and the MCSE Data Platform Certification. Let's start at the top here with the certification. So MCSE DP requires 70-464 and 70-465.


We are here, the final exam for the MCSE Data Platform Certification. 70-464, we have available. Check that out on the CBT Nugget website. And in order to achieve the MCSE, the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert for Data Platform, you will need to first acquire the MCSA.


So that is a prerequisite for both MCSE, Data Platform and Business Intelligence. And that consists of 461, 462, and 463, which is currently covering SQL Server 2012 material. The MCSE, both Data Platform and Business Intelligence, has been upgraded to include questions for SQL Server 2014.


I imagine we'll get an upgrade to the MCSA exams when SQL 2016 hits here later in 2015 or early 2016. And by the way, there's actually a public preview of SQL Server 2016 coming out in the summer of 2015. So keep an eye out for that, because there's a lot of cool new features in the pipeline.


Now, as far as the 465 exam itself goes. It's very similar to 464 as far as content goes. In fact, it's virtually the same and it even looks like they copy and pasted some of these objectives between the exams. The big difference here being from an exam perspective, it's design related.


So you're going to get a lot more case studies rather than implementation questions. And this is the reason why we're just going to give you an update course here with some of the Azure changes, because a lot of the objectives that are new all relate to Azure.


In fact, why don't we head over to the page here for the exam. And I've got it open in a browser. Here it is for 465. If you scroll down, here is the content covering SQL Server 2014. These changes have been rolled into the main objectives here. But if we take a look, designing a database structure.


All stuff we've covered at some point throughout our SQL Server courses here. Designing physical database and object placement, file stream, file table, file groups, table and indexing partition strategy, migration, consolidation, and upgrade, designing instances, backup, and recovery.


If we head down here to design databases and objects, this is going to be things like designing your database. Designing tables. Concurrency stored procedures. Automation strategies. Transactions. And it goes on. Security. This is all covered in 462.


Design database schema and object security as well as instance level security. And then down here in troubleshooting and optimizing, designing a maintenance strategy, concurrency issues, once again. High availability. With all of your always on technology, we cover that heavily here, heavily in 462 as well for SQL Server 2012.


The differences here is there's some Azure stuff. That's what this course is here for. We're going to cover all the stuff that you see that has Azure inside of these objectives. And then performance and concurrency as well as monitoring. So what I want to do next here is just give you an idea of what we're going to cover in this course.


We're going to cover, again, all this stuff that's related to Azure. But I also want to give you an idea of where you can find all the other stuff that we're not going to cover here in this small update course. So you'll want to start here with 70-462.


This contains all of your high availability and disaster recovery topics that are here in 464, as well as all of your backup and restoration. Getting familiar with all the objects such as stored procedures, tables, designing the physical database as well as the logical database.


And then your backup recovery and automation. Next up is 70-464. You'll want to watch the SQL Server 2014 version that we just released not long ago that contains a much deeper look at designing a database and all the objects as well as working with concurrency and monitoring, transaction, stored procedures.


And also the new features of SQL Server 2014, such as in memory OLTP. And from there, you can check out the SQL Server 2012 version of 465, which again covers all the design aspects. And then the 2014 version, which is right here, which just contains Azure updates.


And funny story, we started to build this, the 2014 full version of 465. I got halfway through it and I said, you know what, this is the same exact thing as the 2012 one we just did. 464 made sense because it contained all the new features and quite a few updates to the objectives.


But 465, virtually the same thing as 2012 465 with just the Azure being the differentials there. So that's why we're just going to do the Azure updates for this course. So here's my recommendation for full preparation for the 70-465 exam here at CBT Nuggets.


Start with 70-462. And that's on 2012. And you can cherry pick Nuggets out of there based on the objectives here that you see in 465. Then do 70-464 2013 version. Then 70-465 2012 version. That'll get you set up very nicely and finish it up here with where we are right here, 70-465, Azure updates.


And with that, you'll be fully prepared to rock the 70-465 SQL Server 2014 exam. In this CBT Nugget, we covered the roles and responsibilities of the database designer, which is the target audience here for the 465 exam. We talked about the MCSE Data Platform Certification, the 70465 exam and what we're going to cover here inside of our 465 Azure specific course.


I hope this has been informative for you, and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Introduction to Cloud Solutions and Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure and SQL Server: IaaS

Microsoft Azure and SQL Server: PaaS

Microsoft Azure and SQL Server: STaaS

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