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Configuring Windows 8.1

This course will be retired in 250 days. If you have questions, please contact us.

This Windows 8.1 video training course with Anthony Sequeira covers Microsoft's new OS, including installation and configuration, and prepares viewers for the 70-687 exam....
This Windows 8.1 video training course with Anthony Sequeira covers Microsoft's new OS, including installation and configuration, and prepares viewers for the 70-687 exam.

Related area of expertise:
  • Desktop Support

Recommended skills:
  • Familiarity with Windows operating system environment
  • Familiarity with Command Prompt tools and utilities
  • Familiarity with Internet programs and protocols

Recommended equipment:
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation

Related certifications:
  • MCSA: Windows 8 Solutions Associate

Related job functions:
  • Systems admin
  • Network admin
  • Network operations analyst
  • Network technician

Want to get the very most the Microsoft Windows 8.1 desktop OS has to offer? This Windows 8.1 video training course with Anthony Sequeira is for you. This course also ensures that you are ready for the challenging 70-687 exam from Microsoft.

Windows 8 is here to stay for a while — the 8.1 version and subsequent 8.1 update make this clear. This course ensures that you know this OS from Microsoft inside and out. The course includes Power Tips, Tales from the Trenches, and Pop Quizzes, making it the greatest coverage of this topic by CBT Nuggets to date. Watch these Nuggets today to ensure that you have mastered one of the most complex and controversial Operating Systems from Microsoft.
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1. Course Introduction (8 min)
2. Evaluate Hardware Readiness (36 min)
3. Install Windows 8.1 (38 min)
4. Migrate and Configure User Data (24 min)
5. Configure Devices and Device Drivers (19 min)
6. Install Apps (35 min)
7. Control Access to Local Hardware and Apps (27 min)
8. IE 11 and Desktop IE (22 min)
9. Configure Hyper-V (23 min)
10. IP Settings (23 min)
11. Configure Network Settings (15 min)
12. Configure Network Security (29 min)
13. Configure Remote Management (37 min)
14. Configure Shared Resources (46 min)
15. Configure File and Folder Access (37 min)
16. Configure Authentication and Authorization (22 min)
17. Configure Remote Connections (25 min)
18. Configure Mobility Options (30 min)
19. Configure Security for Mobile (13 min)
20. Configure and Manage Updates (14 min)
21. Manage Local Storage (18 min)
22. Monitor System Performance (18 min)
23. Configure System Recovery (14 min)
24. Configure File Recovery (9 min)
25. Your 70-687 Exam (22 min)

Course Introduction


What are some famous, or infamous, desktop operating systems from Microsoft? Well how about Windows 98, or how about Windows Vista? Certainly we add to this category Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. In this course, we are going to thoroughly explore everything Windows 8 and 8.1, and even the 8.1 update.


That's right, three different versions of Windows 8. We're going to explore everything Windows 8 has to offer, with an emphasis on configuration. In a follow up course to this one, we'll go ahead and take a look at support issues surrounding Windows 8.x.


Now we have three main goals, you and I together, in this course. And let me tell you, we're going to hit them. I do not fail. And you will not fail. In fact, if you're interested in the 70-687 exam from Microsoft, that really coordinates with this class, you will pass that exam with ease.


But you know what, this is a byproduct of our first goal in this course. And that's for you and I to make sure we can master the many advanced configurations around installing 8.1 successfully, making sure we can configure networking and networking security beautifully, making sure we can support things like mobility, and the many, many different potential applications for Windows 8.1-- even if those applications were not designed for this operating system whatsoever.


Maybe we have really old legacy applications that we need to build support for in Windows 8.1. What we will also do is have a lot of fun together. We do this by ensuring the Nuggets are accurate, succinct, efficient, and really, really enjoyable. Nuggets that you can easily follow along with in your own corporate, or home, environment to get the most out of Windows 8.1.


Now I'm sure you're interested here in the course Introduction on what specifically we're going to cover together in this course. So here we are at Microsoft's homepage, and I'm about to show you. I also notice that this gentleman shaves about as much as I do.


OK, so what we're going to do with the Microsoft home page is we're going to go up to Products. And under the Products drop down we're going to select Training and Certification. You see, while my main goal for this course is for us to master these configurations, I am going to follow the over all blueprint for the exam that this course coordinates with.


If you're not interested in certification, don't worry about this no problem at all, I just want you do know that this is how we organize the course. If you go to find certifications here, and then you go to desktop Windows, you're going to find the MCSA-- Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator-- or Solutions Associate, excuse me, Certification.


We don't want to participate in a survey, thank you very much, Microsoft. So we're going to go to our solutions associate certification for Windows 8 and sure enough, here is configuring Windows 8.1. We'll click on 687-- the required exam-- and you'll see how we're going to structure this course.


If you go under skills measured you're going to see that I'm going do install and upgrade, I'm going to do configure hardware and applications, configure network connectivity, et cetera. In fact, if you expand on one of these, you'll see the particular structure of our Nuggets.


We have evaluate hardware, readiness incompatibility-- which will be our next Nugget. We have install Windows 8.1, which will be the Nugget after that. Will I be adding the real world stuff? Will I be adding expert tips as we go along to this overall menu?


Well, of course I will, but this exam blueprint gives us the overall structure for our course, thank you very much. Now if you are interested in certification then you want to make sure you are mastering these topics as we go along. For instance, under evaluate hardware readiness you would want to know if your device is ready for Hyper-V. For instance, you would want to know the difference between an upgrade and they clean installation.


What I have done for you is in the Nugget lab files I have built you a Tracker for these various topics. So you can track your success. You can track your mastery as we move through the content. In fact you know what, let me jump over right now and show you the tracker that I've made for you in the Nugget lab files.


The tracker is an Excel spreadsheet that you can take advantage of to go ahead and rate your knowledge in our various subject areas. For instance, after completing this course introduction if you want to rate yourself on a one through five scale. One being I have no clue, five meaning I'm an expert.


You go in and say, hey, guess what, on the course Introduction I am indeed an expert. Evaluate hardware readiness. Well, an upgrade versus a clean install-- Yeah, I have that mastered. Windows 8 versions, you know what I need to make some flash cards-- still a little fuzzy on what some of those offer as far as unique capabilities.


So I'm going to give myself a three there. You get the idea. I'll have this beautiful line item by line item tracker for you in the Nugget lab files that you can utilize to really self-assess your readiness. This is going to be huge for those of you that are interested in certification.


Now for those of you that do indeed have that certification interest, I want to point out something else that I'm going to make available in the Nugget Lab files for you. This is especially important if you've got kind of caught in the middle, maybe you were preparing for the Windows 8 exam on configuration, and now of course there's this Windows 8.1 update.


Well, there's this great document that Microsoft did a great job making available for us, this particular document is going to go through and give us the specific tasks that were added and updated in January, 2014 for the Windows 8.1 version. So if you are indeed kind of stuck in between, you were studying for one and now studying for the other, you can quickly go to a document to see what was updated and what was left unchanged.


Notice much to your delight, you're going to find some topics-- some major Nugget areas of focus-- that were absolutely unchanged between these versions. Now something else that you and I are going to do together that is going to be really addressing both mastery and the fun that we're going to have together is some extras in the course.


First, we're going to be doing various power tips as we move throughout these Nuggets. Power tips are going to be geared towards you, the engineer, or even your end user. How to get the most out of 8.1, and it might be stuff that isn't necessarily documented at Microsoft TechNet, or the Microsoft developers network.


We'll also be having some fun at various points with pop quizzes. Now if you're not interested in certification, I guess you could fast forward through these. But I would encourage you to enjoy the pop quizzes, because they're going to ensure that you are truly mastering this material for either your home environment, or your corporate environment.


And finally it's tales from the trenches. That's right, you and I are going to be taking a look at particular case studies involving Windows 8.1. A lot of times this will be a major, major problem that a support engineer had to face and how they did it.


Well, I'll tell you, I wanted to keep this course introduction brief because we have so many incredible Nuggets on the way in this configuring Windows 8.1 course. I sure hope this Nugget has been informative for you. And I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Evaluate Hardware Readiness

Install Windows 8.1

Migrate and Configure User Data

Configure Devices and Device Drivers

Install Apps

Control Access to Local Hardware and Apps

IE 11 and Desktop IE

Configure Hyper-V

IP Settings

Configure Network Settings

Configure Network Security

Configure Remote Management

Configure Shared Resources

Configure File and Folder Access

Configure Authentication and Authorization

Configure Remote Connections

Configure Mobility Options

Configure Security for Mobile

Configure and Manage Updates

Manage Local Storage

Monitor System Performance

Configure System Recovery

Configure File Recovery

Your 70-687 Exam

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