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Core Solutions of Microsoft Lync Server 2013

This Microsoft Lync 2013 video training course with Chris Ward covers the latest communications suite of applications from Microsoft, including installation and configuration of Lync Server 2013. It also helps prepare you for the 70-336 exam....
This Microsoft Lync 2013 video training course with Chris Ward covers the latest communications suite of applications from Microsoft, including installation and configuration of Lync Server 2013. It also helps prepare you for the 70-336 exam.

Related areas of expertise:
  • Messaging/Communications

Recommended skills:
  • Familiarity with the Windows Server Operating System
  • Basic understanding of Web Conferencing Software and/or Instant Messaging

Recommended equipment:
  • Windows Server 2012 or Server 2008

Related certifications:
  • MCP
  • MCSE: Communications

Related job functions:
  • Systems Admin
  • Network Admin
  • Communications
  • Telephone Admin
  • Human Resources

This CBT Nuggets course teaches IT professionals how to plan, design, deploy, configure, and administer a Microsoft Lync Server 2013 solution. The course focuses on Lync Server 2013 Enterprise Unified Communications features, with an interest in coexistence and migration from older systems.

Server administrators will especially love the newer features of Lync Server 2013 including improvements to IM and Presence, Conferencing, and Persistent Chat. The course also highlights the seamless integration with SharePoint, Exchange, and SQL Server. Those who are new to this Unified Communications suite of applications will come away with an appreciation of just how powerful this suite of applications really is!
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1. Lync to Skype Update (5 min)
2. Introduction to Microsoft Lync Server 2013 (36 min)
3. Lync Server 2013 Architecture (34 min)
4. The User Experience (24 min)
5. Installation Part 1 (33 min)
6. Installation Part 2 (42 min)
7. Installation Part 3 (28 min)
8. Management Tools - Users and Rights (37 min)
9. Deploying Clients and Devices (41 min)
10. IP Phone Deployment (24 min)
11. Conferencing Overview (48 min)
12. Edge Server (39 min)
13. Persistent Chat Server (51 min)
14. Monitoring and Archiving (36 min)
15. Setting Up Archiving and Monitoring (25 min)
16. Troubleshooting and Maintenance (44 min)
17. High Availability and Disaster Recovery (37 min)
18. Enterprise Voice Basics (40 min)
19. Exam Preparation (31 min)
20. Exam Prep #2 (30 min)
21. Exam Prep #3 (28 min)

Lync to Skype Update


Hey everyone. Welcome to the introduction to the series for 70-336 and 70-337. This is an update because as most of you, if you've already started taking this series know, as of the recording of this Nugget in November of 2014, Microsoft has said, guess what, it's time to update, and we are going to rebrand everything as Skype for business.


What does that mean for me? What does that mean for you? Let's find out in this Nugget. So essentially, when we talk about Skype for business, we're really talking about Lync. Well, Lync is now Skype for business, essentially. So what's new? Are we going to get anything new with this?


We'll talk about that. Should I panic? No, don't panic please. I know a lot of people are thinking, jump off the cliff, I just got Lync Server in fact, I'm going to be taking the exams. What does this mean for me? We'll tell you all about that. And what does that mean to my current installation, which is a what a lot of people are looking at.


So let's go ahead and bring up the websites here. First off, office blogs for Lync. Notice this happened, by the way, back on November 11. As of the recording of this Nugget, this is just for a few days afterwards. But a lot of people are wondering, what does this mean?


And so it talks a little bit about this. You can go out to the office blog and a check this out on Lync, and so this is all about introducing Skype for business. But what's funny is, I think let me see if I got it back here. Here's the product page for Lync.


Check this out. It's still Lync Server 2013, so they're going to be updating this. This is still how they show it on the official application here, Lync Server 2013. Now, what's really fascinating is jump on over to Skype's website here. The blog talks a little bit about Skype for business.


Now the cool thing is, is what's new. Nothing, right now. OK. So I just want you understand, right now, it's just a name change. Rebranding. Now, the look and feel is going to look a lot like your Skype, which is kind of cool. You can see right here.


But essentially this same tools, the same things that are available to you, notice call forwarding, you're going to have your voicemail capabilities, your chat capabilities, your conferencing capabilities. And so essentially what is going to happen is, according to at least their blog, is that in 2015, so I figure probably spring or maybe summer of 2015.


This can obviously be pushed back. They're going to be putting out the next version of Lync. It was going to be Lync Server 2015 is what I thought, but it's going to be Skype for business. They're going to have a new client experience, new server release, and updates to the servers for Office 365, and that is the plan.


So basically that means that the next on premise to server clients and Office 365 releases are just simply going to be called Skype, and the Lync name is going to go away. So your control panel, things like that, it's going to probably just say Skype for business on it.


So for all intents and purposes, the separate products still exist, but the consumer ad driven solution known as Skype in the enterprise grade solution known as Lync are just simply re branded. Now the cool thing is if you just upgraded to Lync 2013, and you want to move to the next platform, guess what?


You can actually do an in place upgrade, which is going to be nice. So that's why I want to say, ready, don't panic. The other thing is that right now if you're currently doing, and this is part of the reason I'm doing this, 70-336, 70-337 are still remaining the same.


You remember the behind the scenes things, the tools, mediation servers, director, edge servers, your conferencing, your persistent chat, all those things, Enterprise Voice, the nuts and bolts underneath, they're going to stay the same. This is what's going to change, which is good.


Why is that good? Because think about all your end users, gang. All your end users are so used to using Skype, they're so used to using that interface, now they'll see it show up, and they're like, oh, this is just like what I use on my personal mobile device, or on my laptop, and everything else.


It's going to be a lot easier, and I'd like to say this will be a big plus for the end user, and literally guys as advanced link admins, now you're going to be Skype for business admins. The underlying bolts a nuts are not going to change. The engine under the hood, they're going to tweak it, we're going to get some hopefully a couple of different enterprise grade upgrades for the new version of it, but it's not going to be Lync 2015, instead it's going to be Skype for business.


And that'll be part of the release and update to the service in Office 365. Again, I'm thinking probably around this time frame, but it could change, so if you are watching this and is spring slash summer 2015 and you're like, wait a minute, where's new upgrade?


Well, it's Microsoft, OK. So you gotta kind of keep watching the skies, or obviously check out the blogs that you saw here. So I'll just link off of this. This is a great place to go here. Get rid of my tools. There we go. Here's the office thing, and you notice this is going to change a little bit, but when you go to the blog, Lync blog.


So if you go to Lync blog and follow the link, and just keep up to date. It's going to give you all the latest and greatest updates OK. So just a little update for all of you taking the 70-336 or 70-337 Nugget series. Don't panic because you're heard about the new Skype for business, OK.


I hope this has been informative for you, and I'd like to thank you for joining me.

Introduction to Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Lync Server 2013 Architecture

The User Experience

Installation Part 1

Installation Part 2

Installation Part 3

Management Tools - Users and Rights

Deploying Clients and Devices

IP Phone Deployment

Conferencing Overview

Edge Server

Persistent Chat Server

Monitoring and Archiving

Setting Up Archiving and Monitoring

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Enterprise Voice Basics

Exam Preparation

Exam Prep #2

Exam Prep #3

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