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This Microsoft video training with Microsoft Office trainer Simona Millham covers how to use the latest version of Microsoft's spreadsheet package, with real-world examples taken from a business environment....
This Microsoft video training with Microsoft Office trainer Simona Millham covers how to use the latest version of Microsoft's spreadsheet package, with real-world examples taken from a business environment.

This course is designed to take a user with very few spreadsheet skills right through to becoming an advanced user of Microsoft Excel 2016. Beginning with spreadsheet basics, this course quickly progresses to more advanced functionality such as number formats, data visualization, charts, lists, PivotTables, What-If Analysis, Forecasting, 3D maps, templates, forms, and more. Even competent users of Excel can expect to pick up lots of tips and tricks along the way.

Recommended Experience
  • Some familiarity with Microsoft Windows
Recommended Equipment
  • Computer running Windows 7 or later
  • Any edition of Microsoft Office 2016 or an Office 365 plan which includes Microsoft Office. (Note: Excel 2016 acquired through the home editions of Office 2016 or Office 365 has slightly reduced functionality. This will be highlighted during the course.)
Related Certifications
  • None
Related Job Functions
  • Any
Simona Millham has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2015 and holds a variety of Microsoft certifications, including Microsoft Office Master, and Microsoft Certified Professional qualifications in Licensing and Software Asset Management.
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1. Introduction (5 min)
2. Find Your Way Around and Get Help (9 min)
3. Creating Your First Spreadsheet (14 min)
4. Spreadsheet Formatting (13 min)
5. Calculations (15 min)
6. Managing Files (12 min)
7. Using Multiple Sheets (15 min)
8. Number Formats (13 min)
9. Data Visualization (11 min)
10. Get Started with Excel Functions (15 min)
11. More Excel Functions! (15 min)
12. Create Your Own Excel Function (8 min)
13. Page Layout (13 min)
14. Get Started with Charts (11 min)
15. Do More with Charts (13 min)
16. Explore the Excel Chart Types! (12 min)
17. Sharing and Collaborating (11 min)
18. Protecting Workbooks (9 min)
19. Working with Excel Lists (14 min)
20. Data Validation for Good Quality Data (11 min)
21. Analyzing Data with PivotTables (15 min)
22. Connecting to Data Sources (10 min)
23. Introduction to Power Pivot (13 min)
24. Interactive Reports with Power View (8 min)
25. What If Analysis (11 min)
26. Excel Forecasting (12 min)
27. Excel 3D Maps (11 min)
28. Adding Graphics to Your Spreadsheets (9 min)
29. Customizing Your Workspace (8 min)
30. Templates (12 min)
31. Introduction to Excel Macros (13 min)
32. Worksheet Forms (9 min)
33. Using Excel on Multiple Devices (13 min)



Hello. My name is Simona Millham, and I'm your Microsoft Office trainer. And I am really pleased that you are going to be learning Excel 2016 with me, because it is such a clever product. And we've got some brilliant technology to learn. Now, Excel has really come on a long way since I first started teaching it.


I think this must be a screenshot of Excel 97. There's Clippy. Bet you never thought you'd see him again. But, to be honest, the biggest problem that I had in creating this course was knowing where to stop. So I've kept it very much within the confines of an end-user, because there's lots of potential for very specialized uses of Excel.


But believe you me, that doesn't mean I've skimped on any of the interesting stuff. Oh, no. Far from it. So hold onto your hats. Let me take you on a whistle stop tour of the highlights of this course. Now, rest assured, if you are brand new to Excel, I will take you through all of the basics of creating and formatting your spreadsheet and how to use it to do your calculations and your data analysis.


And then we'll look at things like how to create and save a custom number format-- I get asked that an awful lot-- and how to recover unsaved files. Now, that's a lifesaver. But we will then quite quickly progress to functionality that even people who have been using Excel for years might not yet have explored very much, such as conditional formatting like you can see here, and how to create these little infographics, which you could then use on a PowerPoint slide, for example.


And, of course, we will cover some Excel's many functions. And if you're really keen, we can have a go at creating our own function as well. Excel has some rather fantastic new chart types. So I will take you through examples of each of those. And we'll also look at how to protect your workbook so that certain ranges, for example, are only editable by specific people.


Not many people know how to do that. And you'll learn how we can analyze data and start creating pivot tables and pivot charts with slices and timelines like you can see here. And we will even have a look at PowerPivot for Excel and see how Excel 2016 now supports relationships between multiple tables.


Now, if you're a database kind of person, you'll probably get quite excited about that. We'll also create some really clever dynamic reports with PowerView, and we'll try out the What If commands as well as we'll look at the new forecasting functions in Excel 2016.


But a highlight for me though has to be Excel's 3D maps, well worth a look if you've got data with a geographical element. And I'll show you how to record a macro, and we'll have a quick look at the code behind it too. And if that wasn't enough, we'll even learn how to create a worksheet form like this one here, and also we'll see how you can use Excel on your iPad as well.


Wow. I've got a bit of practical stuff I need to mention too, because you've got 32 more Nuggets after this introduction that you can work through on this course. And if you are new to Excel, then I absolutely would recommend that you start at the beginning and work your way through.


But you might find, for example, that when you get the Functions Nuggets that the Getting Started one is enough for you at this stage. And you might choose to then jump straight on to the Nuggets after and then maybe come back to the other Functions Nuggets at a later point in time.


On the other hand, if you're already a confident Excel user, and you do rather fancy creating your own function or learning about 3D maps or having a look at the new forecasting functions, then by all means dive straight into those particular Nuggets without working your way through to them all the way from the beginning.


And to help you, I would love it if you used Excel along with me. So I've uploaded all of my files so that you can use the very same spreadsheets that I'm working on whilst you're watching a Nugget. Now, that's really going to help with your learning, and I would just love it if you would do that.


And finally, it can be a bit confusing as to which Excel you need to be using to be able to follow this course. So Excel is purchased as part of Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Office does come in lots of different flavors. And you can see some examples here.


So if you've got Office 2016 Professional Plus or Standard, then that would be absolutely great. You can follow this course just perfectly. But also Office is available as part of some of the Office 365 plans. Now, note that I haven't included all of the Office 365 plans here but, for example, the E1 plan would not be suitable, because it only contains the online versions of Excel, which although does share some functionality with Excel 2016, you wouldn't really be able to follow this course very easily using it.


The other office 365 E plans though would be absolutely perfect. The Business edition and the Home and Student editions would be absolutely fine, but I have only given them a yellow tick on my chart here, because they don't include PowerPivot. But you should be absolutely fine with the rest of the functionality.


In fact, I recorded almost all of this course using the Home and Student edition of Office 365. And finally, the Mac edition of Office 2016 is a different product again and although, of course, there is some overlap of functionality, I think it would be quite tricky to follow this course using the Mac version.


So don't forget that Office 365 is a subscription product, and therefore feature updates are released from Microsoft about four times a year. So that means that new features are coming out all the time. So don't be alarmed if some of the screen captures in these Nuggets look a little bit different to what you're using, because Office is now a living product, and it's changing all of the time.


So I hope I've whetted your appetite for what's to come on this course. So let's get started. I hope this has been informative for you, and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Find Your Way Around and Get Help

Creating Your First Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Formatting


Managing Files

Using Multiple Sheets

Number Formats

Data Visualization

Get Started with Excel Functions

More Excel Functions!

Create Your Own Excel Function

Page Layout

Get Started with Charts

Do More with Charts

Explore the Excel Chart Types!

Sharing and Collaborating

Protecting Workbooks

Working with Excel Lists

Data Validation for Good Quality Data

Analyzing Data with PivotTables

Connecting to Data Sources

Introduction to Power Pivot

Interactive Reports with Power View

What If Analysis

Excel Forecasting

Excel 3D Maps

Adding Graphics to Your Spreadsheets

Customizing Your Workspace


Introduction to Excel Macros

Worksheet Forms

Using Excel on Multiple Devices

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Simona Millham
Nugget trainer since 2015