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This LPIC-2 course by Shawn Powers covers the requisite skills for passing the LPI 202 exam. It includes an explanation of terms and processes, along with practical applications and hands-on configuration of actual Linux machines....
This LPIC-2 course by Shawn Powers covers the requisite skills for passing the LPI 202 exam. It includes an explanation of terms and processes, along with practical applications and hands-on configuration of actual Linux machines.

Recommended Experience
  • Linux command line
  • General understanding of networking
Recommended Equipment
  • Virtualization system capable of hosting multiple virtual machines
Related Certifications
  • LPIC-2
  • LPIC-1
  • CompTIA Linux+
Related Job Functions
  • System administration
  • Networking
Shawn Powers' areas of expertise include Linux and Chef technologies. He's earned LPIC-1 and CompTIA Linux+ certifications, and is an associate editor for Linux Journal.

Note: Supplemental files and/or virtual labs are not available until the entire course is completed.
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1. Introduction (1 min)
2. DNS Server Options (14 min)
3. Caching Nameserver with BIND (14 min)
4. Creating and Maintaining DNS Zones with BIND (15 min)
5. DNS Master and Slave with BIND (10 min)
6. Securing BIND Server (11 min)
7. Split DNS with BIND (8 min)
8. Running BIND in a Chroot Jail (7 min)
9. Apache Web Server Installation and Setup (17 min)
10. Apache Modules & Languages (7 min)
11. Apache MPM Module (11 min)
12. Apache Authentication and Redirection (11 min)
13. Apache Virtual Host Configuration (14 min)
14. Apache SSL Setup (15 min)
15. Squid Installation (14 min)
16. Squid ACLs (17 min)
17. Squid Authentication (9 min)
18. Nginx Installation and Configuration (8 min)
19. Nginx Reverse Proxy (10 min)
20. Samba Daemons (9 min)
21. Samba Installation (14 min)
22. Samba Password Management (10 min)
23. NFS (16 min)
24. DHCP (15 min)
25. DHCP Static Entries & Relay Hosts (16 min)
26. PAM Configuration (15 min)
27. PAM Modules (7 min)
28. LDAP Server Installation (18 min)
29. LDAP Client Tools (11 min)
30. Postfix (Email) Server Config (16 min)
31. Procmail for Local Email (13 min)
32. Remote Email Delivery (16 min)
33. NAT Routing (17 min)
34. Packet Filtering with iptables (13 min)
35. FTP Server Setup (12 min)
36. SSH Server Setup (7 min)
37. SSH Keys (9 min)
38. Security Tools (10 min)
39. OpenVPN (8 min)



Hello, everybody. I'm Shawn Powers, and welcome to the Exam 202 portion of the road to LPIC-2 certification. Now if you've ever taken certification exams before, you know that some of the courses that are really, really long and in-depth can be so stressful when it comes to taking tests.


And LPIC-2 is one of those courses that is very in-depth, has a lot of information, and a lot of things to learn. So they've broken it up into two separate exams. LPIC 201 is a course that you could have taken. It's already on the CBT Nuggets website.


This course is exam 202. So just like the LPIC folks have broken it up into two exams, we've broken it up into two courses, so you can prepare separately, and not get overwhelmed by just how much information there is to take in. But it's an exciting course.


201 was great. 202 is also great. We're not only going to learn how to get certified, but how to do all sorts of hands-on system administration stuff that will make you a much better system administrator, even if you have no interest in becoming certified.


But if you want to get certified, this is definitely the way to go. Hopefully, if you're taking this course, you've already watched the Exam 201 course, and you already have LPIC-1 experience. I hope this has been informative for you, and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

DNS Server Options

Caching Nameserver with BIND

Creating and Maintaining DNS Zones with BIND

DNS Master and Slave with BIND

Securing BIND Server

Split DNS with BIND

Running BIND in a Chroot Jail

Apache Web Server Installation and Setup

Apache Modules & Languages

Apache MPM Module

Apache Authentication and Redirection

Apache Virtual Host Configuration

Apache SSL Setup

Squid Installation

Squid ACLs

Squid Authentication

Nginx Installation and Configuration

Nginx Reverse Proxy

Samba Daemons

Samba Installation

Samba Password Management



DHCP Static Entries & Relay Hosts

PAM Configuration

PAM Modules

LDAP Server Installation

LDAP Client Tools

Postfix (Email) Server Config

Procmail for Local Email

Remote Email Delivery

NAT Routing

Packet Filtering with iptables

FTP Server Setup

SSH Server Setup

SSH Keys

Security Tools


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Shawn Powers
Nugget trainer since 2009