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Linux training on installation, configuration, security, troubleshooting, recovery

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This video training course with Perry Fizzano covers Linux technology, including topics such as the Linux kernel, shell scripts, and security....
This video training course with Perry Fizzano covers Linux technology, including topics such as the Linux kernel, shell scripts, and security.

Recommended skills:
  • Experience working with Linux technology

Recommended equipment:
  • Linux server

Related certifications:
  • None

Related job functions:
  • IT professionals

Learn the intricacies of Linux in a casual, laid-back style that is full of information. The Linux community uses lots of cool names and acronyms for different components and features like perl, squid, PAM, GRUB and sudo. You'll learn not only what they mean, but how to use them.

From installation and configuration to security, troubleshooting and recovery, you'll get a thorough look at how it all works. This course also delves into the Linux Kernel, the core of Linux and Linux development, showing you how to upgrade and recompile it. You'll spend time learning shell and perl scripting as well as X windows and the Linux rescue environment.
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1. Series Intro (7 min)
2. Pre-Installation Considerations (33 min)
3. Installation Issues - Working with Hard Disks (28 min)
4. More Installation Issues (36 min)
5. Advanced Installation Issues (33 min)
6. Post Installation (24 min)
7. X windows (29 min)
8. Window Managers and Desktop Environments (27 min)
9. Package Management (32 min)
10. The Linux Rescue and Recovery Process (30 min)
11. User Administration (27 min)
12. Groups (32 min)
13. The Linux Kernel (25 min)
14. The Linux Kernel Part 2 (26 min)
15. The Network File System (NFS) (26 min)
16. Apache Web Server (31 min)
17. Mail Services (28 min)
18. DNS and Bind (28 min)
19. FTP and Internet News (26 min)
20. Shell Scripts (34 min)
21. Introduction to Perl (32 min)
22. Performance Monitoring (31 min)
23. Security (26 min)
24. Security 2 (24 min)

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11 hrs 24 videos


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