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Juniper Networks Certified Associate Junos

This Juniper Networks video training course with Anthony Sequeira covers the foundational information needed to start your Juniper career and certification path. This JNCIA-focused course also serves as an incredible introduction to the modern world of networking....
This Juniper Networks video training course with Anthony Sequeira covers the foundational information needed to start your Juniper career and certification path. This JNCIA-focused course also serves as an incredible introduction to the modern world of networking.

This JNCIA-JUNOS course is the starting point for all Juniper certifications.

Whether you are going for the Enterprise route, Service Provider route, or Security Route, you need to start some place! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your Juniper life!

This course ensures you get up to speed quickly and efficiently with basic networking, and then dives deep into the world of Juniper network equipment so you can be successful and productive with that equipment as soon as possible. This course builds a strong foundation so that you can excel in more advanced material.

Recommended Experience Recommended Equipment
  • Any Juniper Networks JUNOS device (SRX Routers and EX Switches are the most readily available candidates).
  • May also access JunosSphere virtualized environments through Juniper Networks website/partners (Note: there may be costs associated with this.)
Related Certifications
  • JNCIA-JUNOS (The beginning step and pre-requisite for all other Juniper certifications, regardless of track.)
Related Job Functions
  • Network engineering
  • Network administration
Anthony Sequeira has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of Juniper, Cisco, and Microsoft certifications, including CCIE R&S. His JNCIA-Junos course remains one of the top-rated courses in the CBT Nuggets library.
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1. Intro to JN0-102 (6 min)
2. Your JN0-102 Flash Cards (4 min)
3. OSI and Things That Use It (21 min)
4. Ethernet and Optical Networks (14 min)
5. Layer 2 and Layer 2.5 Addressing (13 min)
6. IPv4 (18 min)
7. Decimal to Binary and Vice Versa (11 min)
8. IPv4 Subnetting and Supernetting (21 min)
9. IPv6 (14 min)
10. The Juniper Device Portfolio (12 min)
11. Juniper Device Architectures (14 min)
12. CLI Modes and HELP (12 min)
13. Managing Configurations (22 min)
14. Restoring Factory Defaults (8 min)
15. Juniper User Accounts (12 min)
16. Juniper Device Interfaces (13 min)
17. Additional Initial Configuration Elements (9 min)
18. Logging and Tracing (12 min)
19. Configuration Archiving and the Rescue Config (5 min)
20. Monitoring Juniper Devices (3 min)
21. Juniper Device Maintenance (5 min)
22. Routing (14 min)
23. Routing Policy and Firewall Filters (18 min)
24. J-Web (6 min)

Intro to JN0-102


Hi, there, Anthony Sequeira here with CBT Nuggets. And I am absolutely thrilled that you have joined me for this JN0-102 course. Whether you're just starting out with network devices or you're a seasoned professional of other manufacturers' network devices, you are in the right place.


In these Nuggets, we're going to review key networking principles, and most importantly, we're going to roll up our sleeves, get on Juniper devices, and make sure we have a strong foundation for additional levels of Juniper education, certification, and mastery.


Let's jump into this introductory Nugget right now. Now, as I sat down with some personnel at CBT Nuggets, and we were planning in this particular course, I decided on three main objectives-- number one, absolute, action-packed, concise, laser-focus Nuggets on the topics that we need to cover.


What do we need to cover? More on that in a moment here in this introduction. Number two, I wanted to ensure tons of demonstrations and demonstrations that you can very easily follow along with. And number three, I wanted to provide better resources than I ever have before in the NuggetLab files, including electronic flash cards that will literally ensure you are mastering the most important topics that we cover in this particular course.


Now before we go even further, even in this introduction I need to make something absolutely clear to you. If you have zero interest in Juniper certification, that is perfectly fine. You're in the right place. You are going to master the fundamentals of networking here.


You're going to master the fundamentals of the Juniper equipment. Don't register for an exam. Don't take an exam. That's perfectly fine. If you are interested in Juniper professional certifications, though, you're in an amazing powerful place as well.


If we go up to Training and Certification at the Juniper website and you scroll down and you go to the certification tracks that Juniper offers and you go to what I consider the life blood of Juniper, their Enterprise Routing and Switching Track, for example, you're going to discover that there are four levels of this certification track.


There's Associate. There's Specialist, Professional, and Expert. And look. Sure enough, our course is the foundation for this entire track. It's the pre-req, if you will. If you are interested in security, you would come in here, and you would go to the Junos Security Track, for instance.


You would scroll down. Look at that. The JNCIA-Junos that I'm going to prepare you for is indeed your starting point. So this is profoundly important from certification perspective because it is our stepping stone to most all of Juniper's certification tracks.


Now, when I was deciding what exactly I was going to cover in these Nuggets, I went to this particular Associate certification, and I went to the detailed exam objectives that they provide. And just so you don't have to search for these on your own, I went and put these in the Nugget Lab files for you.


So I looked at every single detailed bullet that they had, and I combined, rearranged, and added to so that you would have this incredible course in your hands, one that fully prepares you for the certification and then goes beyond and ensures success in the real world when it comes to the skills that I'm going to be sharing with you.


And of course, another hugely powerful thing about your decision to attend the CBT Nuggets course? You have CBT Nuggets at your fingertips. One example of the power of this is let's say you're in my Nugget on IP and I cover TCP versus UDP in there, and you'd love a little bit more elaboration on that.


So you come here to your magnifying glass at the CBT Nuggets site, our search facility, and you type in TCP, and you do a search on TCP. It is going to bring you to this course here, one that you might have never thought you were interested in in a million years, Cisco CCNA Data Center 640-911 DCICN.


You come in here because it came up in our search, and you discover when you look at the Nuggets in this particular course that there is a Nugget 25 minutes long on the TCP/IP transport layer. That's right, a beautiful elaboration on Transmission Control Protocol versus User Datagram Protocol at the OSI transport layer, a perfect supplement to what we are going to be doing together in this particular course.


By the way, I'm not saying you have to go watch this thing. I'm just saying as an example, you can supplement what we're doing in the course here with searches at the CBT Nuggets website to get additional information, to get additional explanation, maybe even a different instructor's point of view on that topic as you move throughout our Nuggets here.


So I have to wrap this Nugget up, because we have got to get going here. We have such incredible content to share with you. I do want you to join me in the next Nugget, though, because I'm going to elaborate on something that is revolutionary that I'm providing for you in this particular course.


They're my electronic flash cards. So the details of how you're going to use those and how you're going to access those are in the very next Nugget. Click on it right when you're done. Come on-- do it, do it. You gotta watch it. I sure hope this particular introductory Nugget for JN0-102 was informative for you, and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Your JN0-102 Flash Cards

OSI and Things That Use It

Ethernet and Optical Networks

Layer 2 and Layer 2.5 Addressing


Decimal to Binary and Vice Versa

IPv4 Subnetting and Supernetting


The Juniper Device Portfolio

Juniper Device Architectures

CLI Modes and HELP

Managing Configurations

Restoring Factory Defaults

Juniper User Accounts

Juniper Device Interfaces

Additional Initial Configuration Elements

Logging and Tracing

Configuration Archiving and the Rescue Config

Monitoring Juniper Devices

Juniper Device Maintenance


Routing Policy and Firewall Filters


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Anthony Sequeira
Nugget trainer since 2012