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Enterprise Routing and Switching, Specialist

This course is the first of seven courses designed to fully prepare you for the JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) exam. These CBT Nuggets courses are:...
This course is the first of seven courses designed to fully prepare you for the JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) exam. These CBT Nuggets courses are: This JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) - Layer 2 course completely prepares you for the following topics:
  • Identify the concepts, operation, and functionality of Layer 2 switching for the Junos OS
  • Identify the concepts, benefits, and functionality of VLANs
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to configure, monitor and troubleshoot Layer 2 switching and VLANs
  • Identify the concepts, benefits, operation, and functionality of the Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to configure and monitor STP and RSTP on Juniper equipment
NOTE: This course is also valuable for those interested in learning Layer 2 topics that are using other vendor equipment. Juniper-specific Nuggets are clearly labeled as such.

Recommended Experience
  • Students interested in taking this certification exam must have passed their JNCIA-Junos certification
Recommended Equipment
  • Junosphere or other virtual Juniper training equipment
  • Juniper rental rack access
  • Juniper lab routers and switches
Related Certifications
  • JNCIS-ENT Enterprise Routing and Switching, Specialist
Related Job Functions
  • Enterprise Network Engineer
  • Enterprise Network Administrator
Anthony Sequeira has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of Juniper, Cisco, and Microsoft certifications, including CCIE R&S. His JNCIA-Junos course here at CBT Nuggets remains one of the top-rated courses in the library.
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1. Course Introduction (7 min)
2. Using Your Flash Cards (5 min)
3. How Layer 2 Switching Works (16 min)
4. Hands-on Lab: Basic Switching (8 min)
5. Switch Design Considerations (7 min)
6. Juniper Enterprise Switching Platforms (8 min)
7. Juniper Switch Frame Processing (5 min)
8. Hands-on Lab: Layer 2 Switching Operations (9 min)
9. Virtual LANS (VLANs) (6 min)
10. Hands-on Lab: VLANs (10 min)
11. Voice, Native VLANs and RVIs (11 min)
12. Hands-on Lab: Voice and Native VLANs (11 min)
13. Hands-on Lab: Configuring RVIs (6 min)
14. Why Spanning Tree Protocol? (9 min)
15. STP Terms and Concepts (13 min)
16. Building the Spanning Tree (10 min)
17. Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (10 min)
18. Hands-on Lab: Configuring STP-RSTP (9 min)
19. Using Juniper Documentation (5 min)
20. Using Junospere for Lab Practice (4 min)

Course Introduction


Welcome to the JNCIS-ENT Layer 2 course. You probably already guessed our focus in this course will be Layer 2, but we're doing some pretty unique things here, and I want to explain them to you in this Course Introduction Nugget. So thanks for joining me.


I guess the best place to start is, what exactly is the JNCIS-ENT? This is the certification from Juniper that we map this course to. If we go to Juniper.com, and you go to the Training menu and then Certification, you can select that main link. And then over on the left-hand side, you will notice that there is a Certification Tracks link.


If we go there, you can see that Juniper offers many different certification tracks. We are targeting the Enterprise Routing and Switching Track with this course. Now notice, if we scroll down, there is a prerequisite certification and that is the Juniper Network Certified Associate Junos, the JNCIA-Junos course.


Here at CBT Nuggets, I am the author of that course for you. And please note-- it's worth repeating-- it is a prerequisite for you to study this material. So if you are weak in maybe logging into a Juniper device, or you're weak in the help system of Juniper, or you're weak in the OSI model, or you're weak in basic TCP/IP skills, that's the course I want you to reference to refresh on those skills.


We'll be reviewing some things as we move throughout this content, but by no means will I be reviewing everything from that course. So be sure to check that out. Then we have the next level of certification, the Specialist level of certification. And you can see here that there are two exams that you could take for Specialist.


You could take this one we're doing right now together or a special version of this one that has some new enhanced Layer 2 Software commands in it. We're doing this version. You can take one or the other. You should not take both-- that would be a waste of your time and money.


We're doing this version, and I will give you a Nugget on this enhanced Layer 2 Software, so you know what that's all about. But this is the course that we're focusing on. Notice you can continue on to the Professional and Expert level of Juniper certification in this enterprise routing track.


So if we click on this link right here, you'll see that we get details about this exam. And one of the things that you notice is, especially if you look at the detailed exam objectives, that it is very vast in scope. Because that scope is so vast and because I wanted to give you a never found in CBT Nuggets before level of detail on these subjects, I decided to break it up into these seven courses.


So right now you're here at the Layer 2 course. There will be a Layer 2 security course, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, protocol-independent routing topics, and we'll cover tunnels, and then finally, a course in high availability. I want you to spread the news about these to your friends, even if [GASP] they're into Cisco, or even if they're into [GASP] HP gear.


And the reason is because many of these Nuggets, obviously, will be theory-based on these protocols which are open standards and are not specific to any vendor. Within this course, Layer 2, for instance, the Nuggets that have to do with Juniper specifically will clearly be marked.


So what topics are we going to dig super deep into in this course? Layer 2 switching. We're going to dissect it probably like you've never dissected it before. We're going to talk about vLANs and their incredible importance, Layer 2 switching and vLANs and inter-vLAN communication.


And then, we're going to have a lot of fun with Spanning Tree Protocol. You'll understand this like you never have before, and we'll look at an improved version called Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol. So plenty to do in this first initial Layer 2 course for JNCIS-ENT.


And yes, we'll be doing things in this course you might not be used to with some CBT Nugget courses. We're going to be going incredibly in depth in the theory. And we're going to be separating this from the hands on, as we mentioned. Remember, this makes the in-depth theory Nuggets applicable to many different vendor disciplines.


The hands-on Nuggets, by the way, I'll be guiding you through exactly how I perform that. So if I do a demonstration, you'll know if I'm on virtual gear-- and I'll show you how to set up that virtual gear. If I'm on real Juniper gear, I'll tell you how I acquired, inexpensively, that real Juniper gear and cabled it up in order to do the hands-on demonstration.


So you'll be able to follow along with these hands-on demonstrations if you like. I will be providing electronic flash cards for you to enjoy so that you can really make sure you've got the incredible depth of material that we're going to cover mastered.


And if you are interested in taking the certification exam-- after you complete all seven of my courses, by the way-- well then you will have that passed with ease. After going through all of these electronic flashcards, you totally should be ready. The very next Nugget of this course in entitled "Using Your Flashcards." Check that out because it explains exactly how these electronic flashcards work.


You need to grab a little free software package in order to run them. And then finally, back by popular demand, everyone tells me how much they love pop quizzes. I don't do it every Nugget, but many Nuggets will contain pop quizzes. These are as much like actual exam questions as I am legally permitted to write them.


Now if you'd like to get in touch with me outside of this course, no problem. I give my social media contacts at the bottom of every title and ending slide of the course. But if you would really like to contact me the most efficient way, what I check the most is my blog at ajsnetworking.com.


Now I point this out for another reason-- if we scroll down on the right-hand side, you'll see there is a category dedicated to Juniper. So be checking this category, or just go ahead and scroll down-- probably the easiest thing to do is scroll down here and subscribe to the blog via email.


That way, whenever I post something, you'll be the first to know. The Juniper category may be your biggest interest, but I am doing lots of networking-related information here all the time that you might be interested in. Well, if you are 10% as excited as I am about this course, then you're going to be really, really excited, and I know you want to get started.


I sure hope you found this Nugget informative, and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Using Your Flash Cards

How Layer 2 Switching Works

Hands-on Lab: Basic Switching

Switch Design Considerations

Juniper Enterprise Switching Platforms

Juniper Switch Frame Processing

Hands-on Lab: Layer 2 Switching Operations

Virtual LANS (VLANs)

Hands-on Lab: VLANs

Voice, Native VLANs and RVIs

Hands-on Lab: Voice and Native VLANs

Hands-on Lab: Configuring RVIs

Why Spanning Tree Protocol?

STP Terms and Concepts

Building the Spanning Tree

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

Hands-on Lab: Configuring STP-RSTP

Using Juniper Documentation

Using Junospere for Lab Practice

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Anthony Sequeira
Nugget trainer since 2012