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Enterprise Routing and Switching, Specialist

This course is the third of seven courses designed to fully prepare you for the JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) exam. These CBT Nuggets courses are:...
This course is the third of seven courses designed to fully prepare you for the JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) exam. These CBT Nuggets courses are: This JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) - OSPF course completely prepares you for the following topics:
  • Identify the concepts, operation, and functionality of OSPF
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot OSPF
  • Understand realms
NOTE: This course is also valuable for those interested in learning OSPF topics that are using other vendor equipment. Juniper-specific Nuggets are clearly labeled as such.

Recommended Experience
  • Students interested in taking this certification exam must have passed their JNCIA-Junoscertification
Recommended Equipment
  • Junosphere or other virtual Juniper training equipment
  • Juniper rental rack access
  • Juniper lab routers and switches
Related Certifications
  • JNCIS-ENT Enterprise Routing and Switching, Specialist
Related Job Functions
  • Enterprise Network Engineer
  • Enterprise Network Administrator
Anthony Sequeira has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of Juniper, Cisco, and Microsoft certifications, including CCIE R&S. His JNCIA-Junos course remains one of the top-rated courses in the CBT Nuggets library.
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1. Course Introduction (4 min)
2. Using Your Electronic Flash Cards (4 min)
3. Introducing OSPF (5 min)
4. OSPF Packet Types (8 min)
5. OSPF Adjacency Formation (8 min)
6. Hands-on Lab: OSPF Adjacency Formation (12 min)
7. DRs and BDRs (6 min)
8. Hands-on Lab: The DR and BDR (9 min)
9. OSPF Areas (8 min)
10. Hands-on Lab: OSPF Areas (12 min)
11. OSPF LSA Types (9 min)
12. Hands-on Lab: OSPF LSA Types (8 min)
13. Hands-on Lab: Other Basic OSPF Configs (10 min)
14. Hands-on Lab: OSPF Troubleshooting (7 min)
15. OSPF Realms (3 min)

Course Introduction


If you're making your career at routing and switching, you've arrived at the right place, because in this Nugget, you and I are going to examine most popular routing protocol, internal routing protocol that is, on the planet. It's Open Shortest Path First.


And it's really neat that we're covering this one first, because it won the battle between itself and IS-IS. Think of kind of a caged fighting match. And that's what was going on between those that were wanting OSPF to win out as the interior gateway protocol that companies would use.


And there was plenty of people fighting for intermediate system to intermediate system. If OSPF won, you might wonder why we are going to be covering a course in IS-IS. And we'll be doing that next, of course. And the answer, as well, some service providers are still using IS-IS for their internal routing protocol.


It's really a pretty cool protocol. And we'll be examining that in detail. But I'm getting ahead of ourselves, because OSPF is what you and I are here to master. And it is quite complex itself. So we'll be looking at a lot of topics in great detail. In just like other courses in this series, we'll really take a look at the conceptual information about OSPF and notice how complex it is.


Notice how much there is for us to discuss there. I'll tell you something else, we need to configure and troubleshoot it together. And the configuration will be done in my style. We'll do our hands on lab Nuggets. And these will be very easy for you do follow along with step by step.


Maybe you're up in Junosphere.net with your virtual images in the cloud. Maybe you've got your rental equipment. Maybe you've gone out and bought used Juniper equipment that you've set up in a lab. Or maybe in your enterprise, you have a lab that you can use filled with equipment.


However you're going to do it, you'll be able to follow along and configure, watching right over my shoulder, as we make best practice OSPF configurations on the Juniper equipment. Remember now, when we cover the conceptual information. This is going to be valid for no matter what device you may be on.


So if you're on an HP router, if you're in a Cisco router, you would very easily be able to take the information from those concepts and apply it to the appropriate configurations on those devices. So are we going to get in depth on the theory? Yes. Are we going to do intense hands on lab work together?


Yes. And also what I'm going to do for you is I'm going to create electronics flash cards that go along with this course. These will be located in the Nugget Lab files when the course is complete. In fact, in the very next Nugget of this course, I'm going to teach you how you get the software to run the electronic flashcards, how you put the electronic flash cards into that software, how you can set up the options for you to view those electronic flashcards.


So be sure to check out that very next Nugget. I'll also run through and give you some pop quizzes and some review materials as we work together. It's like we're learning a new language when we study OSPF. So we need things like quizzes and flashcards to really help us with the new language that we're learning.


Now most students have told me that really ensure their success they watch the Nugget and they take handwritten notes on the Nuggets. Pretty cool. And then what they'll do is they'll go back at the end, and they will re-watch particular Nuggets that they might be struggling with a bit.


And they will take my flashcards at that point, and they will add to my flashcards set. So I'm giving you basically a starter set of flashcards. And you're going to be able to add to those very easily for information that you found important, information that you want to be flashcard tested on.


So this is a powerful formula many students have reported success with. I'm sure you can detect it in my voice. I am super excited for this class. I'm super excited that you are joining me for our journey through the really complex and exciting world OSPF, an interior gateway protocol that has taken the world by storm.


And you'll see why as we move throughout our discussions of it. I sure hope this Nugget was informative for you. And I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Using Your Electronic Flash Cards

Introducing OSPF

OSPF Packet Types

OSPF Adjacency Formation

Hands-on Lab: OSPF Adjacency Formation

DRs and BDRs

Hands-on Lab: The DR and BDR

OSPF Areas

Hands-on Lab: OSPF Areas


Hands-on Lab: OSPF LSA Types

Hands-on Lab: Other Basic OSPF Configs

Hands-on Lab: OSPF Troubleshooting

OSPF Realms

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Anthony Sequeira
Nugget trainer since 2012