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Enterprise Routing and Switching, Specialist

This course is the fifth of seven courses designed to fully prepare you for the JNCIS-ENT(JN0-32) exam. These CBT Nuggets courses are:...
This course is the fifth of seven courses designed to fully prepare you for the JNCIS-ENT(JN0-32) exam. These CBT Nuggets courses are: This JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) – BGP course completely prepares you for the following Border Gateway Protocol topics:
  • Identify the concepts, operation, and functionality of BGP
    • BGP basic operation
    • BGP message types
    • Attributes
    • Route/path selection process
    • IBGP and EBGP functionality and interaction
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to configure and monitor BGP
    • Groups and peers
    • Additional basic options
    • Routing policy application
NOTE: This course is also valuable for those interested in learning BGP topics that are using other vendor equipment. Juniper-specific Nuggets are clearly labeled as such.
Recommended Experience
  • Students interested in taking this certification exam must have passed their JNCIA-Junos certification
Recommended Equipment
  • Junosphere or other virtual Juniper training equipment
  • Juniper rental rack access
  • Juniper lab routers and switches
Related Certifications
  • JNCIS-ENT Enterprise Routing and Switching, Specialist
Related Job Functions
  • Enterprise Network Engineer
  • Enterprise Network Administrator

Anthony Sequeira has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of Juniper, Cisco, and Microsoft certifications, including CCIE R&S. His JNCIA-Junos course here at CBT Nuggets remains one of the top-rated courses in the library.
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1. BGP Course Introduction (5 min)
2. Using Your BGP Electronic Flash Cards (3 min)
3. An Overview of BGP (9 min)
4. BGP Peers (7 min)
5. BGP Messages (8 min)
6. High-level BGP Operations (7 min)
7. BGP Attributes (9 min)
8. IBGP Versus EBGP (8 min)
9. Hands-on Lab: Configuring Basic BGP (10 min)
10. Hands-on Lab: Advanced BGP Configurations (6 min)
11. Hands-on Lab: Monitoring BGP (8 min)

BGP Course Introduction


What is the most scalable routing protocol in the world? You ask this question of an engineer and they might immediately say something like, OSPF or ISIS. Maybe if they haven't done their homework, they say RIP. And then you no longer talk to them at that cocktail party.


The answer of course, is an EGP, an exterior gateway protocol. Specifically, the one called border gateway protocol, and that's what we're going to dissect in this course together. So how can I just so confidently say that BGP's are our most scalable routing protocol.


Well, we know it's the routing protocol of the Internet. Here we are at one of the many Looking Glass servers that you can Google. Just Google on Looking Glass on the Internet. And you can literally see what a service provider routing table would look like from a BGP perspective.


And if this looks totally foreign to you, like, what is going on here with this? How to get to network 1060/24 with this next hop. And all of this information we see off to the right, this will make perfect sense to you by the end of this course. This is the routing protocol of the Internet.


But then that brings up the question of OK, wait a minute, so if it's this big scalable, routing protocol to the Internet, why do I care? Maybe you don't work for a service provider. Why is your big enterprise running BGP? Why might even an enterprise, and I'll describe this in the course, think about taking OSPF and replacing it with BGP.


We'll bring up all of this and more as we take this BGP journey together. There's a good chance you know this already, but I will mention it for completion's sake. We are right here in a series of seven courses that all deal with the JNCIS-ENT certification.


Now what's cool is, if you have absolutely zero interest in certifications with Juniper, this is the right place for you. Maybe even if you're doing like Cisco or HP routing, and you don't really care about Juniper, this is still going to be the right place for you.


Because BGP is not specific to any one vendor, is it? And the hands-on labs, they deal with Juniper equipment, specifically, will be clearly labeled in this course. So if you're just here for border gateway protocol theory, you're in the right place as well.


Now I do something in this course that I've done in the other courses in this series, and that is, I do flashcards. I'm making those for you, their electronic. I don't do this for all my courses by any stretch, but when we're learning new languages, like maybe ISIS was new to you or OSPF was new to you, it's a lot like learning a foreign language and flash cards will really help.


The very next Nugget in this course, by the way, I will teach you how do find the flash cards, install the flashcards, use the flash cards, even add to the flash cards, et cetera. So check out that Nugget if you're not familiar with my flash card approach that I'm using.


We'll do pop quizzes as we go throughout this material. For those of you interested in testing, I'll try and create as close to the exam questions as I'm allowed to create in this course together. And finally, as I mentioned, we will roll up our sleeves, get on the Juniper equipment and we'll see what it's like to configure BGP in a real world type scenario on Juniper gear.


By the way, why in the world did I decide to take the JNCIS-ENT, easy for me to say, material and break it up into seven different courses? I think this is pretty much the poster child for that. Look at this. This is what we are responsible for from an exam perspective, just in the area of border gateway protocol.


And I think a mistake that a lot of courses will make is that they will say, all right we'll do one video of 60 minutes in length on BGP. And then we'll do one video of 60 minutes in length on ISIS. And I just don't think they're giving these topics the care that they deserve.


Who knows? When I'm done with the 11 or 12 Nuggets that'll make up this course, maybe it will total just over an hour. But it's going to allow us to really make sure we are focusing in on just what you need to know, but also giving something like the BGP attributes the time and the care and the focus that that deserves.


Something else by the way, something that we cherish here at CBT Nuggets, is we know your time is precious. And look I'm a student myself of aviation, so I'm trying to learn a new piloting skill. Lately, I've been using this online training course from Sporties, that's the name of the aviation place I use for training, and guess what?


The videos are about 12 minutes in length, and it's perfect. Because many times I only have that 12-minute block of time. So you can go in and you can master with me BGP attributes in a session. And you can test on that, and you can do flash cards on that, and that might be the only time you have for training in that day and you've learned a valuable BGP skill.


So we're going to break things down into bite-sized chunks as we cover all of these objectives and more in this BGP course. Well, I know like me, you are raring and ready to go for some exterior gateway protocol work. Let's take a quick look, as I promised, at how the electronic flashcards work.


And then once we're done with that, let's jump in and really discuss why we use BGP. What it's really for? Why you might have it in your enterprise environment. I hope this Nugget was informative for you and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Using Your BGP Electronic Flash Cards

An Overview of BGP

BGP Peers

BGP Messages

High-level BGP Operations

BGP Attributes


Hands-on Lab: Configuring Basic BGP

Hands-on Lab: Advanced BGP Configurations

Hands-on Lab: Monitoring BGP

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Anthony Sequeira
Nugget trainer since 2012