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On The Job Skills for Java Developers

This course will be retired in 248 days. If you have questions, please contact us.

This video training with Robert Barr covers the exciting world of Java, including file and directory compression, Java maps, and building an HTTP authentication servlet....
This video training with Robert Barr covers the exciting world of Java, including file and directory compression, Java maps, and building an HTTP authentication servlet.

Recommended skills:
  • Familiarity with Java programming
  • Experience as a web developer

Recommended equipment:
  • None

Related certifications:
  • None

Related job functions:
  • Developers
  • Programmers

Java is being used everywhere from mobile phones to the Mars rover. It's become one of the top application development platforms for enterprise use, and is relied on in the aerospace, transportation, telecommunication, healthcare and banking industries, plus many more. Java is a valuable platform for programmers to know.

Instructor Robert Barr explains, "This course focuses on real-world programming tasks that are common in the work place. You'll learn the intricacies of Swing programming, interacting with the file system, creating applets, and practical uses of collections. You'll be able to apply what you learn in this course directly into projects you're currently working on."

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1. Series Intro (6 min)
2. File and Directory Compression (32 min)
3. Java I/O Compression: Laying out a Frame (46 min)
4. Accessing the File System (33 min)
5. Compressing a Directory (Zip) (30 min)
6. Unzipping (36 min)
7. Enhancing the User Interface with Toolbars (27 min)
8. Distributing Java Applications using JAR Files (22 min)
9. Executing External Applications (23 min)
10. Java Collections (23 min)
11. Iterating Java Collections (28 min)
12. Java Maps (50 min)
13. Parsing Text Files using the StringTokenizer (22 min)
14. Understanding the Jtree (38 min)
15. Hierarchical Web Site Navigation with Trees (62 min)
16. Simple Timer (24 min)
17. Uploading Files using Servlets (58 min)
18. Multi-part Form Data (49 min)
19. Setting Cookies with JSP (27 min)
20. Reading Cookies with JSP (21 min)
21. Object Serialization (24 min)
22. Understanding Server Variables (26 min)
23. Building an HTTP Authentication Servlet (28 min)
24. Sharing Information between JSP pages using the Session Object (26 min)
25. The Next Step: Other APIs (26 min)

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13 hrs 25 videos


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