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Keith Barker walks you through CompTIA Network+ and all the exam objectives for the N10-006 exam. This course offers the perfect way to kick off your network career or improve on the networking skills you already have. It's also a terrific introduction to computer networking for business professionals of any stripe....
Keith Barker walks you through CompTIA Network+ and all the exam objectives for the N10-006 exam. This course offers the perfect way to kick off your network career or improve on the networking skills you already have. It's also a terrific introduction to computer networking for business professionals of any stripe.

This exciting CompTIA Network+ course begins by providing you a solid foundation of how computer networks operate, and builds upon that knowledge with real-world examples of network technologies and protocols including the OSI model, TCP/IP, DNS, ARP, IP addressing (including subnetting), and media types and connectors, including fiber optics, copper, and wireless.

Keith uses real-world experience and analogies to explain complex CompTIA Network+ topics in simple, easy-to-digest, bite-sized chunks, and makes it fun. In addition to live demonstrations, Keith includes protocol analyses (using a protocol analyzer to show the details of what is really happening on the network) to reinforce the concepts and ideas learned in the videos. This new Network+ video course covers each topic in the latest exam objectives for the N10-006 exam.

This course includes recommendations to view Nuggets from other CBT Nuggets courses. While the course duration is listed as 17 hours, you should expect to spend approximately 21 hours training.

Recommended Experience
  • Basic experience using a computer such as Windows or Linux.
Recommended Equipment
  • None
Related Certifications
  • CompTIA Network+ (N10-006)
Related Job Functions
  • Systems admin
  • Network admin
  • Network engineer
  • Network operations analyst
  • Network technician
This exam also meets the requirement for DoD baseline certifications for IAT Level I.

Keith Barker has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of networking and security certifications, including CCIE R&S, CCIE Security, (ISC)2 CISSP, Palo Alto CNSE, and VMware VCP5-DCV.
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1. Welcome to Network+ N10-006 (0 min)
2. Describe Routers and Switches (16 min)
3. Describe Firewalls and Load Balancers (9 min)
4. Describe IDS, IPS, and HIDS (6 min)
5. Describe Modems, Hubs, and VPN Concentrators (9 min)
6. Describe Packet Shapers, Content Filters, and APs (10 min)
7. DHCP Concepts (8 min)
8. DHCP Configuration (15 min)
9. DNS Concepts (12 min)
10. Configure and Verify DNS (19 min)
11. A Tale of Two Kings (9 min)
12. The OSI Revealed (22 min)
13. How ARP is Used (11 min)
14. IPv4 Addressing and Subnetting (4 min)
15. IPv4 Review (10 min)
16. NAT (18 min)
17. Configure IPv4 Addressing (14 min)
18. Static and Default Routes (14 min)
19. Dynamic IP Routing (10 min)
20. Well-known Ports (25 min)
21. Packet/Network Analyzer (9 min)
22. Hammer Game (11 min)
23. Using VLANs for Isolation (20 min)
24. 802.1Q Trunking Concepts (10 min)
25. Implementing Trunking (8 min)
26. STP (15 min)
27. Switch Management Concepts (26 min)
28. Port Bonding (LACP) (12 min)
29. Port Mirroring (7 min)
30. Implementing Switch Management (19 min)
31. WiFi Wireless LAN Concepts (26 min)
32. Implementing an AP (16 min)
33. UTP Cabling (21 min)
34. Ethernet Standards (23 min)
35. Troubleshooting Methodology (11 min)
36. Troubleshooting Copper Cable (15 min)
37. Troubleshooting Fiber Cable (6 min)
38. CLI Tools for Troubleshooting (19 min)
39. Troubleshooting Tools (16 min)
40. Troubleshooting Wireless (19 min)
41. Troubleshooting Common Network Problems (33 min)
42. Intro to Wide Area Networks (15 min)
43. WAN Technologies (20 min)
44. VPNs (19 min)
45. Virtualization (13 min)
46. Network Based Storage (10 min)
47. IPv6 (6 min)
48. Fault Tolerant Default Gateways (14 min)
49. Considering Network Requirements (7 min)
50. Physical Security Controls (5 min)
51. Power Management (8 min)
52. Network Topologies (15 min)
53. Network Isolation (12 min)
54. Unified Communications (15 min)
55. Monitoring Tools (14 min)
56. Routing Metrics (9 min)
57. Interface Monitoring (6 min)
58. Cables, Connectors, and Tools (15 min)
59. Network Infrastructures (8 min)
60. Cloud Services (9 min)
61. Using a Baseline (7 min)
62. Configuration Managment (9 min)
63. Applying Updates and Patches (5 min)
64. Managing Risk (7 min)
65. Denial of Service Attacks (14 min)
66. Threats to Wireless (8 min)
67. Threats and Vulnerabilities (14 min)
68. Switch Port Security (9 min)
69. Network Hardening Techniques (13 min)
70. Firewall Features (20 min)
71. Network Access Control Models (5 min)
72. Computer Forensics (4 min)
73. Common Security Issues (17 min)
74. WAN Troubleshooting (19 min)
75. Policies, Procedures, and Safety (9 min)
76. Change Control (5 min)
77. Racks, Labels, and More (6 min)

Welcome to Network+ N10-006


Welcome my friend to CompTIA's Network Plus N10-006. Let's get started. I wanted to take a few moments in this introduction to chat with you, to tell you about how excited I am about joining you in this journey to the world of Network Plus. Now, I realize that not everybody comes from the same background.


We have different levels of experiences and different expertise. And regardless of the reason that you want to master this content-- maybe it's a job promotion, or you want to fill in some of the gaps. Regardless of the reason, I am super excited about logically taking you step-by-step through the entire process.


And all it's going to take is like 10 to 15 minutes a day. And I guarantee you we're going to have fun in every single Nugget. So I'm keeping this intro really, really short. And we can start the training with the very next Nugget. I hope this has been informative for you, and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Describe Routers and Switches

Describe Firewalls and Load Balancers

Describe IDS, IPS, and HIDS

Describe Modems, Hubs, and VPN Concentrators

Describe Packet Shapers, Content Filters, and APs

DHCP Concepts

DHCP Configuration

DNS Concepts

Configure and Verify DNS

A Tale of Two Kings

The OSI Revealed

How ARP is Used

IPv4 Addressing and Subnetting

IPv4 Review


Configure IPv4 Addressing

Static and Default Routes

Dynamic IP Routing

Well-known Ports

Packet/Network Analyzer

Hammer Game

Using VLANs for Isolation

802.1Q Trunking Concepts

Implementing Trunking


Switch Management Concepts

Port Bonding (LACP)

Port Mirroring

Implementing Switch Management

WiFi Wireless LAN Concepts

Implementing an AP

UTP Cabling

Ethernet Standards

Troubleshooting Methodology

Troubleshooting Copper Cable

Troubleshooting Fiber Cable

CLI Tools for Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Tools

Troubleshooting Wireless

Troubleshooting Common Network Problems

Intro to Wide Area Networks

WAN Technologies



Network Based Storage


Fault Tolerant Default Gateways

Considering Network Requirements

Physical Security Controls

Power Management

Network Topologies

Network Isolation

Unified Communications

Monitoring Tools

Routing Metrics

Interface Monitoring

Cables, Connectors, and Tools

Network Infrastructures

Cloud Services

Using a Baseline

Configuration Managment

Applying Updates and Patches

Managing Risk

Denial of Service Attacks

Threats to Wireless

Threats and Vulnerabilities

Switch Port Security

Network Hardening Techniques

Firewall Features

Network Access Control Models

Computer Forensics

Common Security Issues

WAN Troubleshooting

Policies, Procedures, and Safety

Change Control

Racks, Labels, and More

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Entry 17 hrs 77 videos


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Keith Barker
Nugget trainer since 2012