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In this course, trainer Anthony Sequeira guides students through incredibly in-depth troubleshooting of the Cisco Unified Fabric. This includes VLANs, VSANs, FC, FCoE, and more. This online Cisco video training course also provides complete preparation for the Cisco 642-980 DCUFT exam....
In this course, trainer Anthony Sequeira guides students through incredibly in-depth troubleshooting of the Cisco Unified Fabric. This includes VLANs, VSANs, FC, FCoE, and more. This online Cisco video training course also provides complete preparation for the Cisco 642-980 DCUFT exam.

The 642-980 Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric course boosts your troubleshooting skills in the Unified Fabric domain, troubleshooting connectivity issues, convergent I/O, storage issues, as well as issues related to specific features like OTV (overlay transport virtualization). This course is associated with the CCNP Data Center and Cisco Unified Fabric Support Specialist certifications.

Note: The exam associated with this course is scheduled to retire on July 3, 2017. Learners should plan accordingly to sit for the exam before its official retirement.

Recommended Experience Recommended Equipment
  • Practice Nexus equipment
  • Practice MDS equipment
  • NOTE: Cisco VIRL can be used for basic troubleshooting practice for the Nexus 7000
Related Certifications
  • CCNP Data Center
  • Cisco Unified Fabric Support Specialist
Related Job Functions
  • Data Center Analyst
  • Data Center Designer
  • Data Center admin
  • Data Center engineer
  • Systems admin
  • Network admin
  • Network operations analyst
  • Network technician
Anthony Sequeira has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of Juniper, Cisco, and Microsoft certifications, including CCIE R&S. His previous Microsoft courses here at CBT Nuggets remain some of the top-rated courses in the library.
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1. Course Introduction (4 min)
2. CLI T-shooting Tools (43 min)
3. HANDS ON - SPAN (8 min)
4. Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) (9 min)
5. HANDS ON - DCNM (9 min)
6. Troubleshooting VLANs and PVLANs (19 min)
7. Troubleshooting Port Channels and vPCs (24 min)
8. Troubleshooting FabricPath (22 min)
9. Troubleshooting OTV (17 min)
10. Troubleshooting Fibre Channel Interfaces (13 min)
11. Troubleshooting SAN Port Channels (7 min)
12. Troubleshooting VSANs (7 min)
13. Troubleshooting Fibre Channel Domain (9 min)
14. Troubleshooting Fibre Channel Name Services (5 min)
15. Troubleshooting Fibre Channel Zoning (12 min)
16. Troubleshooting Cisco Fabric Services (9 min)
17. Troubleshooting NPV Mode (6 min)
18. Troubleshooting FCoE (13 min)
19. Troubleshooting DCBX (6 min)
20. Troubleshooting the Nexus 7000 (15 min)
21. Troubleshooting the Nexus 2000 (4 min)
22. Troubleshooting the MDS (10 min)

Course Introduction


This is a course that many CBT Nugget students have been waiting for. And it's finally arrived. In this course, we are going to really delve deep into the world of troubleshooting, when it comes to the Unified Fabric Technologies that we studied in a related CCNP Data Center course.


So we'll delve into things like Fibre Channel over Ethernet and FabricPath again, but this time with a slant on troubleshooting. Now in a moment, I'm going to share with you my goals for you in this particular course. What goals are you going to be striving for?


But let me just tell you quickly about my goals for this course . This course really is a continuation of an earlier course that we did. And that's DCUFI. You know in DCUFI we implemented Cisco's Unified Fabric Technologies. Well, I had a lot of you rate the Nuggets in DCUFI.


And I scored a 4.8-- almost a perfect 5 rating when it comes to those videos. So I've got a little room to improve, don't I? I've looked at your comments. I've looked at the ratings for DCUFI. And I'm going to address any concerns that students had in that particular course to ensure that this course is even superior to that one.


Kind of funny to think about most of our competitors-- a 4.8 rating in a course would probably be something that they would really think was awesome. Here at CBT Nuggets, that's unacceptable. Pretty funny. So here we are with the topics that you're going to master.


CLI troubleshooting. Graphical User Interface troubleshooting. Of course, we're going to go after troubleshooting technologies that we got excited about in the implementation course of Unified Fabric Technologies. And notice, you're going really love some specific hardware platform troubleshooting techniques we're going to provide you.


Now, your goal here is to master all of this from a real-world perspective, so that when you're really in these Unified Fabric environments, you feel very comfortable troubleshooting. Now I'll also have plenty of exam mastery. In fact, we'll have a Nugget that's dedicated to exam mastery, for those of you that might want to pursue certification and round out, actually, your CCNP Data Center certification with this particular course.


Now by the way, if you are interested in certification, one of the great tools that I have for you in the Nugget Lab Files area is your DCUFI Tracker. So notice, for each of the topics that we're going to be studying together-- you and I-- you'll be able to come in and give your mastery rating.


1 means you've never heard of that particular technology before-- probably not going to happen in this class. 2 means you could give me an overview of troubleshooting FabricPath. 3 means that you are really, really skilled at it. In fact, you could probably pass the written exam.


4 means that you could actually have a fair degree of troubleshooting on actual equipment. And level 5 means that you would have absolutely no problem walking into even a environment that you did not design and troubleshooting that particular technology flawlessly.


Now something else that's really exciting about this course. It is going to feature multiple additional features, value adds that you're really going to enjoy. We're going to have Power Tips. Power Tips are really tried and true time savers, perhaps, or advanced techniques that maybe Cisco hasn't even documented.


We're going to have pop quizzes, which our students pursuing certification are really going to love. And also those mastering the content will enjoy, because it really solidifies the learning process. And we'll also see Tales From the Trenches in various Nuggets of this particular course, where we will document and describe real-world, case study type scenarios in which troubleshooting of the Unified Fabric was absolutely critical.


So, I know, I know. You're ready and raring to go. Enough about what we're going to experience. Let's experience. The first real content-rich Nugget of this course has to do with Command Line Interface troubleshooting tools that you are going to want to have right in your hip pocket.


That's where we will begin. I'm sure you're excited, like me, to begin this journey. I sure hope this Nugget was informative for you. And I'd like to thank you for viewing.

CLI T-shooting Tools


Data Center Network Manager (DCNM)


Troubleshooting VLANs and PVLANs

Troubleshooting Port Channels and vPCs

Troubleshooting FabricPath

Troubleshooting OTV

Troubleshooting Fibre Channel Interfaces

Troubleshooting SAN Port Channels

Troubleshooting VSANs

Troubleshooting Fibre Channel Domain

Troubleshooting Fibre Channel Name Services

Troubleshooting Fibre Channel Zoning

Troubleshooting Cisco Fabric Services

Troubleshooting NPV Mode

Troubleshooting FCoE

Troubleshooting DCBX

Troubleshooting the Nexus 7000

Troubleshooting the Nexus 2000

Troubleshooting the MDS

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