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Please note that Cisco is retiring its ICND2 200-101 v2.0 exam. The last day to test is September 24, 2016. We are currently working to develop training for the ICND2 200-105 v3.0 exam....
Please note that Cisco is retiring its ICND2 200-101 v2.0 exam. The last day to test is September 24, 2016. We are currently working to develop training for the ICND2 200-105 v3.0 exam.

Practice makes perfect! Practice what you learn using our VIRL labs that complement this course.

This Cisco video training with Keith Barker and Anthony Sequeira covers how to take the ICND2 200-201 exam, including topics such as routing fundamentals, OSPF, point-to-point protocol, and more.

The 200-101 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2) is the exam associated with the CCNA Routing and Switching certification. The exam tests a candidate's knowledge and skills to successfully install, operate, and troubleshoot a small- to medium-sized enterprise branch network. The exam includes topics on LAN switching technologies, IP routing technologies, IP and WAN technologies. This course is a perfect complement to our Cisco CCNA ICND2 200-101 course.

Recommended Experience Recommended Equipment
  • There is no equipment required in order to fully benefit from this course.
Related Certifications
  • CCNA Routing and Switching
Related Job Functions
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Designer
Keith Barker has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of networking and security certifications, including CCIE R&S, CCIE Security, (ISC)2 CISSP, Palo Alto CNSE, and Check Point CCSA.
Anthony Sequeira has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of Cisco certifications, including CCIE R&S, CCNP Security, CCNA Wireless, and CCNA Voice.
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1. Course Introduction (8 min)
2. Loop-Free with STP (25 min)
3. Routing Fundamentals (25 min)
4. OSPF Unplugged!!! (42 min)
5. EIGRP Unleashed!!! (24 min)
6. World Wide WAN!!! (13 min)
7. Frame Relay Reviewed (22 min)
8. Grab Bag (22 min)

Course Introduction


Well, hi there, my name is Anthony Sequeira and I would like to welcome you to Keith Barker and myself's exam walk through for the ICND2 exam from Cisco. That's 200-101. This is the exam that completes your journey to the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification in the discipline of routing and switching.


Keith and I feel so incredibly privileged to guide you through the technologies and the strategies that are going to serve you very well in this exam environment. In this exam walk-through, you'll watch over Keith and myself's shoulder as we solve simulated exam questions.


You can observe our strategy and you'll listen as we think out loud and solve these very difficult sample exam questions. The 200-101 exam does indeed complete your journey to CCNA as I mentioned. Let's go take a look at this exam that Keith and I are going to help you prepare for.


So I'm going to go to "Training and Events" and I'm going to choose "CCNA" from the drop down menu. And under "CCNA," "Routing and Switching," we're going to scroll down here. We note that there are no prerequisites to achieving the CCNA and we recall that there were two certification paths.


There's 200-120. This is often called the single exam option, known officially by Cisco Systems as the accelerated CCNA exam. And then there's the journey that Keith and I are addressing with you in this particular series. The 200-101 ICND2 exam. Certainly recommended to be taken following the 100-101 exam but there is no technical requirement for that from Cisco's systems so you actually could take these in any order.


Let's drill in on the details of the 200-101 ICND2 exam together. When you click on it, you'll note that it's a 75 minute exam and that there will be indeed 50 to 60 questions. You're going to register at Pearson VUE utilizing this link and very, very important for you to review the types of exam questions that you will face.


Do this prior to the exam. This tutorial is available for you the day of your test but this is certainly something that you would want to take advantage of well prior to scheduling your particular examination. Now when you step through here, you'll see single option, multiple choice.


We'll certainly have those in our ICND2 exam. You'll see multiple choice, multiple answer questions, and you'll always be told how many are correct in these question styles. You'll certainly get these in the exam and Keith and I will review many practice questions of this style with you.


And then there are drag and drop questions that you'll face. Something else that Keith and I will be working with you on. And there are no fill in the blank in your actual exam so we can ignore this question type. And then router simulations. These will be present in your exam.


Keith and I will be reviewing them. And then we have another option from Cisco. The Testlet question which Cisco tends to use in design-based exams. So we won't have to deal with any Testlets where we read a scenario and then answer multiple choice questions.


What you can expect, though, are what are called Simlets. In the Simlet, you are in a simulated environment and you browse through that, you use show commands in that simulated environment, so that you can answer multiple multiple choice questions. So of the seven possible question types from Cisco Systems what can you expect in this exam?


Well you can expect multiple choice, you can expect multiple answer multiple choice, drag and drop, you can expect Simlets, and you can expect simulations. So there you go. Five question types that we want to be well-versed in. Now, notice when we visit this valuable page from Cisco Systems, there is indeed a "Try Me" button that you can take advantage of.


Make sure you do this. Make sure you go in and try these question types. Here we're on a Simlet. And it's asking me what is the IP address for the Ethernet0 interface. So I'm going to go click on the device with the dotted line to the lab A router and I'm going to access the command line interface of that router and I'm going to do show IP interface brief.


And it says, oop, this is only a demo version of an actual exam simulation. On the actual exam this would work, la,la,la. You get the idea. So we have the ability to practice with the interface of how the exam question is going to work. And that's, of course, all we're really interested in here.


As far as the actual content, that's what you're relying on Keith and I for as we move through these Nuggets. So what technologies will Keith and I be reviewing with you in order to ensure your success in the exam environment? Well to show you that, all I need to do is go back to the exam's home page here for 2001-101 ICND2 and select the "Exam Topics" tab.


Here is a list of all of the possible exam topics that you would see in this particular certification exam. Keith and I have taken this exam many times, know the emphasis that Cisco will place in certain topic areas, and our exam walk through will reflex these particular influences.


You're in great hands with Keith and I as we move through this exam walk through. So in each of the Nuggets to follow this one, Keith and I will be focusing on a particular technological area of the 200-101 exam. We will solve questions live right before your eyes and again you'll hear us thinking about strategy and reviewing the technologies that are necessary for success with a particular question.


Each Nugget will end with a really fun, exciting, super challenge question for you. This will be your opportunity to solve a question on your own using nothing but scratch paper just as would be provided to you in the exam environment. When you are done solving your super challenge questions, you can check your answers against the super challenge answer files which are available in your Nugget Lab files which go with this particular course.


So I bet you, like Keith and I, are ready and raring to get started with actual content based scenarios that we're going to walk you through. As I said at the beginning of this Nugget, Keith and I do not take this lightly. We feel extremely privileged to be guiding you through a key ingredient of your certification success and that's a knowledge of the technologies, confirmation of that knowledge, and powerful exam strategies that will carry you through exam number 200-101 and beyond.


I hope this has been informative for you. And I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Loop-Free with STP

Routing Fundamentals

OSPF Unplugged!!!

EIGRP Unleashed!!!

World Wide WAN!!!

Frame Relay Reviewed

Grab Bag

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